Meu nome é Thiago Lopes, Brasileiro de 20anos!!Fotografo mais ou menos a 2 ano! !!E desde que a descobri não consigo largar!!

My name is Thiago Lopes, Brazilian of 20 years! I Photograph the 2 year more or less! ! And since that I discovered it I do not obtain to release!




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    Henry Roxas says:

    "Flickr is a community of many talented photographers but Thiago Lopes is one of the few that truly excels. Every single photo is a work of art that is appreciated by many of us. His creations are very inspiring and he raises the bar to a point that many of us can only aspire to reach. I'm glad to witness his growth and excellence as a photographer and I wish him the best wherever it takes him. Bravo!"

    February 5th, 2009

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    Manlio Castagna says:

    "I knew him in the last few days but It was love at first sight with his album! every single shot expresses an idea, a concept or beauty at pure state! everyday is one of the first contacts i want to see! great artist. Thiago!!"

    December 21st, 2008

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    t4tO_ says:

    "Thiago is a great photographer, a pure artist...we got friends not so much time ago, but i immediately loved his he is one of my best flickrfriends! his works are not simple shots, he puts love and creativity in each single work! that's why i love his stream. that's whay everyday i need to see his marevlous pictures...come on guys take a look at his photostream, that deserves to be seen! :)"

    December 10th, 2008

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    Gusstav says:

    "Una pequeña muestra acerca de lo exitante que encierra lo simple.


    October 15th, 2006

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    T Glow says:

    "não tenho por hábito retribuir testemonial, porém
    quem faz um trabalho como DARK
    é algo pra poucos.......
    e olhando......... todos seu trabalhos......
    uma viagem rumo as cores com muita, muita criatividade!!

    temos apenas que agradecer por tanta beleza!!

    obrigado amigo.

    grande abraço!!"

    September 20th, 2006

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    Joserri says:

    "Thiago es el hombre que sabe ver y domina la visión del color. Cada foto suya es buena para marcarla como favorita.

    Veo una sensibilidad especial, que poca gente tiene, hacia el color y los puntos de vista. Ver su obra se convierte en una delicia para los ojos y el alma.

    Me gusta porque no es un purista, sino que resuelve las tomas con una espontaneidad maravillosa.

    Cuando veas sus fotos, no pares. Continúa. Es una caja de colores y de vivencias. Es una gran persona, sin duda, a la que un día conoceré en persona. De momento, quedan sus fotos.

    Thiago is the man who can see and it dominates the vision of the color. Every his photo is good to mark it as favorite.

    I see a special sensibility, which few people have, towards the color and the points of view. To see his work turns into a delight for the eyes and the soul.

    I like because he is not a purist, but it solves the captures with a wonderful spontaneity.

    When you see his photos, do not give birth. It continues. It is a box of colors and of experiences. She is a big person, undoubtedly, whom one day I will meet in person. At the moment, his photos stay."

    November 20th, 2005

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    rickipanema says:

    "Ele eh um dixcaraduuu....

    Gente boa paka...
    um dos primeiros que conheci aqui e que me recebeu de Bracos abertos"

    September 20th, 2005

June 2005
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Male and Single
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