Time is transient, it is fleeting. We experience it, use it, abuse it, even fear it, but my concern here are sequences of events as I witness them and manage to collect them through the lens. Though I will attempt to guide the attention and with it a state of mind and emotion, each of you will experience these slices and fractions of frozen moments as differently as your personality and individuality allows. It is not a philosophical exploration about time; no, it’s about my personal visual voyage towards a collection of short-lived simulacra of occurrences worth their weight in words the mind and heart can only perceive.

The obsession with capturing moments to visualize later or share with others doesn’t just say a lot about who we are as persons, but also describes something about the human condition that has enamored my thoughts and imagination. Through photographic imagery we create transcendence communicating moments and events to future generations and more. Not surprisingly, I discover humanity’s obsession with eternity, the need to keep the present going and to relive it. There is something else, more striking: a ceaseless exercise of awareness, a pursuit for truths and lessons in the details we encounter from day to day.

Some of my work has --and continues to be-- been published in journals, magazines, and publicity across the globe.


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Luis A. De Jesús
March 2013
Ossining, New York
Mexico City, Mexico
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