I won't claim to be one of those who loved photography from birth, but I always found photography cool - especially the ability of a photograph to take you back to a moment in time otherwise forgotten.

When I was growing up, photography was prohibitively expensive - colour film was expensive and developing labs few and far between. The family camera when I was a kid was a fixed focus film camera that took only blurred images :). Photography then was reserved for events and even then restricted to maybe 2 rolls of 24-shot film - you learnt to shoot nothing but the most important details.

Even later, when cameras, film and developing became cheaper, photography still remained a mechanism of record rather than an extension of memory.

In 2005, when I finally purchased a digital camera, my initial photos reflected the same philosophy - a record of events and places I had been to. It was only in early 2006 that I joined Flickr, primarily out of the need for a place to archive my photo collection and unhappy with the restrictions that most other photo-sharing websites placed.

One day, I stumbled across a group for flickrites in Singapore and it so happened they were going to meet up right next door to where I worked. I decided to check it out (hey free schwag was on offer :) ) and encountered a group of people, passionate about this art and generous with their friendship, time and advice.

I came back, added the names of those people I had met as contacts and watched in wonder, as their photographs told compelling tales of where they had been and what they felt. I picked up my camera hoping to be able to capture the same magic.

I'm still very far away from the standards set by some of the inspiring people I see on Flickr, but the journey has it own rewards, and they are there for the world to see on my photostream.

Nikon Coolpix 5600


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Organizing photos and Image Editing)
Adode Photoshop CS3 (If Lightroom can't salvage the shot..)
GeoSetter (for geo-tagging images)


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