“ Photography is the embalmers craft. When I photograph something my camera kills it, and I must gently and with love restore it with the life I witnessed with my own eyes, so that others can see what I saw. To do less would be merely to exhibit a corpse."

- Clayton Cubitt
"Photos always turn out much better when you have a camera on hand to take the picture."

- Todd Lappin
"If you don't pay attention to every little detail, you miss most of the jokes."

-Pope Stephen via Robert Anton Wilson in Schrodinger's Cat

More than missing most of the jokes, you'll also miss most of the beauty & joy in this world. It's the little, odd things that make my day. Beauty is everywhere, every day, in everything. You just have to be looking for it.

My photos right now are a 50/50 split between my Cannon EOS Digital Rebel XTi & my Canon Powershot A550 (hacked with CHDK).

The Powershot is my everyday, carry-it-in-my-pocket camera; and the Rebel is the camera I use when I go out specifically to take photos.

I love my Rebel, but I still believe that good photography is more about having an eye for details and interestingness than the camera you use. I've taken great shots with older, more lo-res digital cameras & even my phonecam.

Go ahead and add me as a Contact, I love to see new & amazing photos!

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    snapn'Mj, says:

    "Ian is one of the most diverse photographers I have seen here on Flickr. From his streetart to his rusty crusty jewels, Ian makes the ordinary into creative works of art. It is a real joy everytime I open Flickr to see what new photos The Joy Of The Mundane has chosen to share. My flickr friend you definetly have a great photographic eye."

    June 28th, 2008

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