First thing, my whole photostream is dedicated to my Mother.

About me?
I don't like to speak much.
I'm Mubarak, simply.

This is me:
Where no one ever goes,,

started flickr on august 5, 2006

View my photos at

aviation <3

~مبـــــارك~[(QTR)]~Mubarak~'s Most Interesting Photos on Flickriver

Birthdate: August / 17 / 1989
Age: 18
Hometown: Doha,Qatar.(The Queen of Hearts)

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Photos of ~مبـــــارك~[(QTR)]~Mubarak~ (3)

  • aya 3ala ayamhoum wallah by A.M.A's ||~♥
  • Into the Future by Ivoryillusion
  • Yesterday is history..... by althani91

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    Mon Coeur © says:

    "Mubarak Al-Thani
    I just can’t believe I haven’t written him a testimonial yet !
    Okay! When you said that I’m one of your favorite photographers, Who were you kidding ?!?! :P
    Ib9ara7ah, I Get My inspiration from your captures ..
    So don’t tell me that I’m an Amazing Photographer,
    the Amazing photographer here is really you :P
    First of all, you too .. You’re one of my favorite flickr members .. xP
    Second; The way you capture is very sharp and clear, nd. Every picture has it’s own story .. For instant .. my two favorite “King of pain” nd. “Ship of the Desert” ! Maaan .. I just duno how you come up with these titles .. But one that really effected me in a way was “ A reflection of me” that was just one simple capture that proves who you really are, A Professional Photographer “ONE OF A KIND” :)
    Nd. I enjoyed reading the description,
    glad to now more about you x)
    Last but not least; I would be more than happy to put your name on my profiles page “People who I call friends” xD
    Allah yi7f’6ik yal shee5
    O Yiwfgik Feildinyah o Feil2a5irah Inshallah’
    Bint 3amik
    - M.C Al-Thani"

    2nd May, 2009

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    pimperish ~ Im sorry , i'll miss u all =* says:

    one of my best friends in flicker ,, infact he's my favorite ;)
    one of the most fascinating personality that i have ever seen.
    a true gentlemen , kindhearted , helpful , humble, and most important your intreats are captivating to me i really admire your personality *clap clap* ;p
    your comments give me a sense of joyfulness , when ever i up-load a pic your comments is what im looking forward to read =)
    flickerly ;p
    your pics are really truly enchanting mshallh 3leek it some how reflects you.
    im really fulfilled and delighted to have you as a contact , a friend , and a brother =)
    wallh im so mtfshlah mn al test l2nh ma ygee rb3 7qk ='( so sorry wallh.
    allh ywafqk o ysahel 3leeek o i wish you all the best of luck =)
    your sis
    mahawsh ;p"

    25th August, 2008

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    м о о η says:


    what to say about one
    of the most talented photographer in filckr
    i was happy when i checked his account
    coz i Realize the real meaning of photography
    mmm Oh 9aa7
    am in love with his hones comments
    i feel good when i read all his words
    mashallah 3laik,, i really like ur personality
    enshallah nshoOfk mn il m9wreen il kbaar one day
    wish you all the best in your life

    ur sister
    MonMon! =p"

    31st July, 2008

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    Xtreme. says:

    "I've always seen his comments all around flickr ! but i never checked out his photostream! and i just figured out how IDIOT I was !
    okay furst am gonna have to talk about his comments!
    He is ,With out a single doubt, the BEST COMMENTER around here @@ ! he just posted one comment in my photostream! just ONE COMMENT! And it was the BEST EVER! i swear dude thanx it meant A LOT!
    when reading his comments u know he's professional ! don't mistake him with someone who says : nice pic, great , wonderful, keep it up, comme"N" me :P..etc! he'll write what he really see's in ur picture!
    dude don't stop writing ur comments xD Cause everyone loves'em xD

    Okay, enough about his comments!
    his photostream! The one i just discovered :( !
    It's amazing! i enjoyed looking at every shot! i honestly did! and the words he picks are always perfect!
    dude keep on going!
    Wish u all the luck ! Don't ever stop!

    And i know u can do anything u put ur mind up to ! Thats for sure ;D

    ilsma7lna 3alg9oor xD


    15th July, 2008

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    Pure Expression ™ says:

    "Sh mubarak althani. im really proud that there is someone as sophisticated, intelligent and talented as he is. Mashalla 3lek. Although i don't know much about photography and im being really honest here, ur pics Dazzle me !! the things u take pics of,are things we don't usually see everyday, that makes ur pics really interesting to stare at !! lol ok, enough about photography cuz u know more about it than i do.!!
    mashalla 3lek b3d ur very friendly and though i dont know u very well, but i can tell u must be a great person to be around just by the way u comment :Pp !
    i know this testimonial isn't very long comparing to some others, but i just wanted to tell u how much i admire ur hard-work !! w alla y7f6'k bro and hope to see more of ur extravagant photos:P!

    27th June, 2008

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    A~♥ says:

    "I only wrote 2 testimonials since I joined Flickr to very good friends of mine, but in this case I just can't hold myself!
    First of all, because I can't help my self but pass by your photostream every single day. It's addictive!
    Second, because your pictures are miraculous, they are unique and different from literally every other account I've been through in flickr!
    What I like most about it is that I don't see pics of ur new L.V shoes, all the money u collected in 3eed and the mobile pics u took when u were "bored".
    Third, The shots u take glorify the object itself, which obviously means it's more about the way you take the photo than the photo you’ve taken.
    Fourth, your stream is very colorful and impressin!! I feel good just by looking around.
    Fifth, because your invading my favorite's!
    There's a lot more to say, but to summarize I'll wish you good luck.
    Last but not least, Allah ywafgik fe il6reeg illy timsheeh, ur one of the few most talented photographer in Qatar, hope you keep this hobby :)

    Your Sister,:

    3rd April, 2008

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    Mìѕs Đior © [Qtr] says:

    "Hi ~مبـــــارك~[(QTR)]~Mubarak~

    well well well
    what can i say about him


    Mashallah 3leeh he's an amazing photographer
    allah y7fe9'ah .. o dooom mobd3 wallah
    i love your shots l2nha creative wallah
    o astaaans lama ashooof your comments in my shot =D
    i wish u the best
    o allah y7fe9'k inshallah

    Your sis
    Miss Dior ^_^"

    6th March, 2008

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    Dimple Cheeks[مبارك عليكم الشهر] says:

    "mn mta oo i wanna write a testimonial bess maga3da a7a9l wagt
    wa2a5eeran 7a9alt chance !=p

    mashalla 3alaik whenever u post a pic i dont know if i should comment on the pic or edit or tilte they all make me haloon 0.o honestly=p
    u keep amazing me day by day 9ara7aaa

    and 3n your comments
    i really love them
    they draw a smile on my face really

    wish u all the best

    11th January, 2008

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    Ivoryillusion says:

    "Mubarak is one of those people who will give his all for anything he truly loves! He is a perfectionist and always aspire to the best!
    He is a great photographer as well and have some of the most amazing captures I've seen... His emotions somehow shines from the pictures he take and so they speak both to the eye and the hear!
    So after reading this and viewing his page, YOU have to add him because if you don't you are certainly losing a great friend to be ^_^

    I love you cousin, wish you the best"

    13th December, 2007

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    سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك says:

    "الصداقه بير والصدق الدلو
    والوفا ماها وانا طلابها
    والنشاما فالمطلات اعتلو
    والرخوم منوخات ركابها
    وانت لو تحتاجني عطني الو
    فدوتك عيني وسوداهدابها
    هالقصيده اهداء
    احب اقولك لو ينحط اكاونتك في كف وفلكر كله في
    كف لنزززل الكف اللي فيه اكاونتك
    لانه يسوى فلكر كله ...
    وصورك حلوه +شخصيه حلوه +انسان محترم=مبارك"

    26th November, 2007

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    MiSsMeMo[QTR] says:

    hello bro
    i dont know u
    bs awal mara i see ur flickr
    o il9ra7a ibda3 mashalla
    kl ur pic raw3a
    hope see more amazing photo from u

    24th November, 2007

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    Soмii says:

    "it comes the moment to write *something* for you but it will be an essay this time ! believe me u’ll spend around two geological ages in reading !! be ready to face the reality !! =P

    About your photostream: i-certainly-am not a critic or even a specialist in the field of photography but at least i can use my five senses to evaluate a photo & from my last observations I found that “things go crazy with your photos!” have u ever hear the concept of “Simple Complex”? This is the best description of your work..!!
    and u know when someone loses the FIVE senses in front of a photo then words fly away!! so excuse me whenever I fail in commenting your shots ! =)

    Regarding ur personality: i take it for granted that nothing is there to say about Mubarak as a person ! ppl can see some reflections of your beloved spirit and high-humanitarian personality in forms of words typed by a keyboard or photos uploaded from a camera ! so what they oughta do if they saw the real image in place of these electrical reflections!! Tell your friend to pray for god million times per hour!! ^_*

    im done with my essay after a couple of geological ages !! Before leaving.. accept all my greetings and do your best in your study cos the UN is cryin for help !!! xD wish you all the best my friend =)

    Somii ^^"

    19th November, 2007

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    {{{~Barood~~QTR~}}} says:

    "السلام عليكم
    من زمان وانا ودي اكتب كلام عن هل انسان بس مالقيت الكلام الي بيوفي حقه
    الله يقدرني ان شاء الله واكتب بعض الي اشوفه فيه
    ما شاء الله عليه
    يتميز باخلاق عاليه
    وتصويره الصراحه ماينوصف
    والله كلمت ابداع قليله في حقه
    كل صوره عنده لها قصه خاصه توصفها
    وانا تعبت ابي اصير نفسه بس ماقدرت =(
    ومن اهم الفوتو ستريمز الي لازم ازورهم اول مادخل فلكر
    واكثر صوره فيفز عندي

    والله لو اكتب ايش ماوفيت حقك
    الله يوفقك ان شاء الله في دراستك

    30th October, 2007

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    Miss Do7a* says:

    "i alwayz wanna write for you a testimonal bas walla don have the right wordz !! becaouse your photostream is a baang =)
    wallllla ebdaa3 i realy luv it w 59oo9an il portrait shoot mashallah 3liiik mobd3eee3 and about your comment uhhh they ae so sweet
    walla they make my daaaay ..=D you are a gr8 person w il kil ysh-had
    dont you ever stop that shooting this amazing shoots walla you amproved daily and your sweet comment t7sin ench tt3bin 3la shoot w tbin klam ybared 5a6reech 3an il ta3ab =Pp w el edit w 7alah loool and you give openion truely not just with that lame wordz NICE ,, AMAZIING,, LOVELYY >> realy doont like it i mean it's rude =s
    anywayz wish you the best luck w e inshallah tstmeeer fee il t9wiiir w at9iiir pro ^_^
    your lil sis ..=D
    [ MISs DOo7a ]"

    14th October, 2007

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    ˚˚˚βϊחт ♥ їĮ ♥ 3ż˚˚˚™ says:

    "h! Mubarak ..

    i don't know how 2 begin ..

    flickrk o 9wark raw3aaaaa o ta9werk arwaaaa3 walla ..

    o mashalla 3leek m7trm o 7abooob o 6ayooob ..

    o i can't 4get ilayam il 7lwaaa ily gthenahaa wyak in london o fe 7flatk o youm il b6ab6 o il cenima .. it was really fun !!! allah yr7am thek il ayam =DD

    O Allah ywafgeek dnya o a5ra ya iltheeeeeeeeeb .. =)"

    12th October, 2007

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    " Nô MôRè™ ! ~ says:

    "~مبـــــارك~[(QTR)]~Mubarak~ ,,

    mmm ,, MN aham eLNas elle a7b ashof eLpage 7ghum =D ,,
    o Twe aktshf enah mo MN MY CONTACTS !! lamma jeet abe aktb eL.Testimonial !!
    3ad wajhe kan anwaaaa3 el9dmah =P bgool g9at 7yate =S !!

    BTW. Mubarak ,, walla ur shot amaaaaziiiing o ebdaaaa3 =$ ,,
    really i luv 2 see ur ideaZ o ur shotZ =D ,,

    keep it up 'n' i wish u all the best =) ,,

    your's ,, " No More ! ;) ,,"

    16th September, 2007

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    β σ Ј ά ş ş è м [ Lost ! } says:


    To be honest, I just knew this guy like few months ago. So I may still living this 'beautiful' first impression.
    He's the type of people that would do anything just to show the world how wonderful the life is; when it comes to happiness, you all can depend on him, at least that what I saw in his photostream. He's all the way out of being snobbish, and this is the most obvious reason of how popular this man is on Flickr.
    I hope my little words could give you all a hint of Mubarak's personality, and I hope you - Mubarak - are satisfied of what I wrote.

    Bro, I wish you all the best in your life. You are my dearest -male- friend over here :P

    Yours Sincerely,,

    7th September, 2007

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    Adoodi. 12th of May 2009. 06;30pm says:

    "Hello :D .. !!
    Ummm .. When it comes to you Mubarak and your work, ma3arf shaGool !!
    i really LOVE your photostream
    your work is so professional & amazing
    you put your touch fe your photos
    your pictures reflect your personality
    i love your words and the descrpitions you put
    you're so talented and gifted bro. !!

    your comments mub 6abe3yeen
    i love them .. oO they really support el wa7d !!

    Ummm shaGool ba3ad ..
    a7ess enna el testimonial mub kfaya :^) ..
    Bss words will never be enough to describe how much i love your ART !!

    Good luck fe your photography mission Mubarak :) ..

    Yours ,
    Adoodi (F) :)"

    22nd July, 2007

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    _________________ says:

    "Mubarak ...mafy kelma agdar aw9ef feeha 6eebk ..ent min a6ab el sha59eyat ely a3rfha oh ma3ztek 3endy fel galb yal sha5 ...atema lek kel el s3ada fel 6enya !!!!

    o5ook bo_jasim"

    29th July, 2007

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    Miss_LV says:


    hmmm let me take a deep breath .... ok ..!!

    1st : Mubarak is such a great guy he's like a brother to me though i really dont know him in person but the way he comment on other ppls pix makes me smile and know that there is good ppl in our world.

    2sd : the way he express him self when he writes is just amazing way to the ppl to get to know him better and better and his writings are just the best of the best he has a strong ENGLISH not anyone has that and he's really using it the right way .

    3rd : his pictures is so AWESOME i love them so much he really has a gr8 ideas and the why he captures them are amazing to be honest i always wait for the next pic cuz i know i'll be like WOOOW .. =D so u really should keep blowing our minds forever =D

    wishes u the best and good luck with ur life .. hope i'll be happy happy for the rest of ur life coz u deserve it =D

    so long ^_^"

    28th August, 2007

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    Śόмεόnz Ħεαят >> i am there !! says:

    "Mr7ba Mbarak ^_^
    Sh7alik ?

    im personally like all ur shots ..
    because they are so deep n need to be studied from all angles ..
    i was amazed when i saw your own writings in their descriptions..
    Really Uve got a talent brOo
    Keep on catching our feelings =P
    And Allah y7af'9k mn kill shr ..


    17th July, 2007

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    Fairy ™ says:

    what can I say about him !??! ,, he is 1 Of my BEST contacts in Flickr .. I love his SHOTS !! Hi is amazing photographer !! * really*
    mashallah 3leeh mobde3 men galb !! @@ ,, lOl .. He has creative ideas ,, U have a wanderful future !! All The Best 4 U BrO ,, your sis ..
    FairyoO ~"

    14th July, 2007

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    .•´¯`•.iL-ThRaYa.•´¯`•. Break -A3lany says:


    Mashallah 3leeh i like his p!cS (Y)

    He is creative !i!

    i love to see his comments in my p!cS because i'd like the know his opinion

    Wish you @ll the best bro


    12th July, 2007

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    ↘ Ńà3m ÄĻ3000Ď ° qtr ° away °↙, says:

    "what can i say about ~مبارك~[(QTR)]
    mmmmm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????
    Mashallah 3leeh
    "one of my favorite flickrers ,,,,, walla walla walla walla the beeest,, )
    i like all his pix and all of them are my "FAV"
    walla o bdoooooon mojamalah o moooobala'3ah .. a7la shay fe his pics "kelhoooooom" wallaaaaah la2nha 5a6eerhhha nafsah ;P
    e3ny flickr ma y7lahh bdoooon ~مبارك~[(QTR)]...?
    mubark ana daeemn lma anzel 9ooora a3rf ank bt76 ly commment 7lllo e5leny a9dg nafsy o astans 6ool alyooooooooooom :P
    7ta lo al9ooorah 3adyaah :(
    o a5er she aby agoolah
    wallah ank sheee5 bm3nah alkalemah o theeeeb walad theeeeb o tslm emeeeeeen mn rabaaaaaak :))
    yallah ya mubark allah youfgk fe kl magalat 7ayatk o e36eek al97ah o al3afeah 0 e5lllek lhalk o efr7ooon feeek :)
    o mashkooor 3allah kl shhe o asmma7 lana 3allah ilg9oooour P)


    10th July, 2007

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    Orangeya says:

    "Mubarak Is one of my best friends here in flickr.. He's a person u can seriously call a friend.. He's always there for his friends.. and he keeps on encouraging them n motivates them to do the best.. i love seeing n reading his comments they realllllyy encourage me A LOT !!

    Mubarakious :D !!! *lol loveeee the names u give me :D soo unique ..* As i was saying .. Mubarak has a unique style of photography .. as u can see through his photostream .. all his shots are perfectly taken :D ...I Love THEM ALL .. AshHad inik Fanan bro .. Keep up the amazing job .. you are surely talented dude/bro ,,

    Thanks for everything wallah .. you're a great person :) ..

    Youre Sista,
    Orangenious :D
    * wohow first n last testi. *"

    1st July, 2007

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    РΐήќŶ ĐįМǒηÐ says:

    it's really hard 2 write a testimonial for someone like u =D ,,
    bro mashallah 3aleek ,,
    u r great person ,, with Great photostream
    amazing photographer mashallah ,, (Y) ,,
    wo te5tar great lyrics 3al shot (Y) ,,

    i really like 2 comment on ur lovely shots ,,
    and more than that i love 2 read ur comments cuze they r unique and make me smile ^^ ,,
    wallah u r one of the best members fe flickr ,,

    bro i just want u to Keep it up ,,
    Oo Good Luck enshallah ,,

    Ur siso
    [ Pinky Dimond ]"

    27th June, 2007

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    °*¤©§][ IMUURI ][§©¤*° - Away says:

    "Mubarak is lovable and nice person.. He's a good friend to have.. He got nice photostream.. I love all of his pics.. He got his own way in capturing things around him.. He's so talented and I wish him all the best in future.. May God light up Ur way bro..

    Take carez and keep smilin always : )..

    °*¤©§][ IMUURI ][§©¤*°"

    1st July, 2007

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    sđαωι 9αι3 says:


    ريال طيب ويدخل القلب بسرعه بردوده وباسلوبه مع الناس
    انا حبيته من اول رد له وعلى صغر سنه عقله عقل ريال في الاربعين وتصويره لساني يعجز عن التعبيره عنه
    ماقول الا الله يوفقك في ها المسار وفي حياتك


    26th June, 2007

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    FatoOoma^__^ ~ Qatar says:

    Mubarak , is someone sweet, loveable , friendly
    and i intresed in reading his comments ,
    i love visiting his account always , his pictures
    are more than amazing .. we can say artist+creative and
    specially the nature and animals !
    his comments means alot
    to me becaouse he always have
    somehting good to say ! and i feel happy also :)
    wish you all the luck in your
    life and may allah bless you
    ur sis
    fatma :)"

    13th June, 2007

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    ѕнооѕн says:

    "Bubu .. ya 2a'7y il 3azeez
    Firstly, your photos are simply amazing kil wa7da a7laa mn il thaniya .. ou mashallah you're improving a hell lot, soon nshoofik pro ;-) .. They're just fantastic .. Wla il animaals .. you've got the best animal set seriously .. 7ata gmt a7ib animals a bit more kilaah mnk .. that's a good thing itha sawooly shay I'll hate you for making me like them ;-P
    Secondly, how sweet you comments are atshagag lagraait-hum ;-D
    Ou akeeeeeeeeed i love replying with the essays xD
    Thirdly, the words you chose for your photos .. they're soo perfect ;'-D
    Wlaa 3aad a'3ny alanis .. 9ij alanis freak ;-P
    Mashallah 3alyk ya Bubu talented mashallah 3alyk :*
    Allah y'7alina -- " 3 3abee6eenz" .. bss kfayaah ;-P

    Wish you the best of luck bro :**

    6th June, 2007

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    apple pie [Qtr] sorry 4 every thing (F) says:

    "قلبه كبير صوره رووووووعه يعني بالقطري فنان موهوب..
    وافكاره جديده..
    دوم يسأل عن غيره..يعني لما ماكتب له كومنت يسألني ليش...الغبيه..^_^..

    الله يوفقه ان شا الله ويهنيه فحياته وعقاب نشوف صور عياله ولو انه توه بدري على هالسوالف خخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخخ

    keep on going..."

    5th June, 2007

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    *Inverno* says:

    "he is really talented, I like his photos so much, and it's really reflects his cute and beautiful personality..and really good heart..
    his comments are really encouraging and he gives alot...he always makes me happy about my work and really encourage me to do better every time..
    give his work a chance and explore his photos, read his words...don't miss a thing...and you'll enjoy it to the full..
    I wish him all the best...
    good luck brother,


    4th June, 2007

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    Sheikooz says:

    "You have a rare eye in capturing the moment. Love the pics + love the style.

    Keep it up bro,

    24th May, 2007

  • view profile

    `Sara.B says:

    "Mbaraaaak ! :D
    Directly.. He is one of those ppl that you Can be PROUD of !
    I Can see that he is a very RESPECTFUL guy.. always has something nice to say.. :)
    Mubarak is the leader in a new breed of young photographers.. ;)
    you are ONE OF THE BEST !
    so.. Keeeeep going :D

    your sis.. 3noooba :Pp"

    29th April, 2007

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    RaYyaNi © says:

    What i got to say about
    a nice person like you..
    i think everyone have to
    have a friend like you..
    i feel really proud that
    you call me your friend..
    Le Elsharaf ;)

    A7m a7m..
    now about your photostream..
    Well i like your shots very much..
    your shots are special like you
    and the words you write with each pic
    really i like your style very much..
    i love to see your replies.. :)
    Really a word "MUBDI3"
    is not enough for you
    Coz it really can't describe you
    you deserve more than that one..

    Now about your comments..
    Well I really love to see
    your comments on my pics..
    it really makes me feel proud
    and it helps me much in
    being better & best :Pp
    it's so nice of you to
    comment on my pics :)


    what else..
    actually.. i want to write
    akbar Testi Ever :Pp

    and now i really think that
    i am going out of words..

    so all i can say to you now..
    is.. that always keep on good work
    Always keep on smiling..
    coz smiling is a key of
    each and every heart..
    and you already got that key ;)

    & hope you take this from me ;)


    A Cute BUNNY for U......

    la ti7rimna min ebda3atik 5oi..

    & Most of all..
    Wish you all the best
    In your life and in your studies :)


    ĸĦĵŁääŋ™»«Řä¥ŷĀŋïřąĤ ēĚß©""

    1st May, 2007

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    [ البندري // ♥ QTR says:

    Bu na9er
    simply one of the best =D
    I've known him from a loooong time =P
    a great friend of the family =)
    he is an amazing dude wallah!!
    am glad that he is one of my friends =)
    mo7tarm , kind and so talented mashallah!
    i was so happy when he joined flickr =)
    his photosterm is full of wonderful shots u must check it out believe me u'll enjoy it =D
    every pic has a meaning every pic has it unique thing!
    every pic a7la mn ele gablha =P
    am really really proud of u mubark =')
    and I love commenting on his pics and I enjoy reading his awesome replays =D
    mubark u always make my day with ur sweeeeet comments on my shots ='D
    doom ya rab =P
    Oh yeah and I LOVE it when he call's me bandi =P
    I thought my nick-name is unbreakable =P
    anyway Its too bad that I wasn't the first to write u a testimonial but I was the first to welcome u loooool =P
    I was thinking of writing to u from a long time but I just cant find words 4 u :$
    I know this is not enough bs esma7ly dude =D
    enshallah one day u'll open ur owe gallery gool amen =D
    3ad i want a VIP invitation for the opining ;D
    wish u all the best ma bro..
    and u know am always here if u needed anything!!
    Ur sis bandi =D"

    25th April, 2007

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    [øяαйgεψά]™ Qtr says:

    "OMG !! Its really an honor to be the first one who wirtes you a testimonial !!
    Hmmm .. ~مبارك~ !!!!!
    Duuuddee ! i so love you're shots n i love commenting on them ;D !!! i really love n appreciate you're unique style of choosing both shots n words !! .. specially when it comes to Nickleback !!!
    Bro !! Keep up the amazing work !!!!

    e7m e7m .. moving to you're comments !!
    Man i love seeing you're nickname on my shots ;D !!
    Thanks a lot for each n every comment you wrote me !!
    and a special eXtra moca coca Thanks for FAVing My shots !!
    It Means a lot to me !!!!!!

    Way to go Bro !!!
    Don't Stop now !! ;DDD ~

    Wish u the best of luck !!!

    You're SisTaDudette,
    ORANGEYA =D ~"

    13th December, 2006

Mubarak Al-Thani
July 2006
Doha, Qatar
I am:
student at UNI