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Photography isn't just a hobby; it's my attempt at sanity! It's a diversion in a life with much responsibility, and also a way of looking at the world. Recently, photography has also become a spiritual discipline, as I gaze, look beyond, and reflect. I am a pastor and my thinking is progressive.

Sometimes, my photos are attempts at artistic expression; other times, they simply chronicle my life or what I observe. I usually live in eastern Pennsylvania, but I'm situated, for a short time, in Ocean City, Maryland, so I'm adapting to a different environment, and taking advantage of its photo opportunities, so different than home!

So, I keep a camera with me, wherever I go. If I'm dressed up, I'll probably have a point-and-shoot in the pocket of my sport coat. You know, the camera I keep in the office. When I'm driving, walking around town, or exploring a park, I take my DSLR, usually with a telephoto lens.

I shoot what I'm in the mood to shoot. Macros, nature, family, or things that make me think. My camera and I like to explore cemeteries. I use Photoshop Elements in a sparing way, keeping things simple and straightforward.

I use my own photos, and their tags, to build Powerpoint presentations to illustrate points when I'm speaking. And,I've also made some wonderful friendships here on Flickr. While I dislike recent and proposed changes to Flickr's format, it would take a lot to drive me from this place, largely because of relationships! However, at the prompting of friends, I'm starting to re-think my use of creative commons, and may soon be posting more photos "all rights reserved." Flickr seems to be moving away from its "photo sharing" purpose. Please ask me if you'd like to use a photo that you're unable to download! I'm really open to that.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad our paths have crossed.

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    Firefighter's Wife says:

    "i found john's pictures through another profile and i discovered that he had a knack for capturing things in a photo that most people would never think about looking twice at. he really takes photography to another level. it gives us a reason to search out the interesting in the uninteresting."

    3rd July, 2008

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    Ed_F says:

    "John is my kind of photographer, not afraid to tackle an issue. I made him a contact so I could follow his Pop Tart crusade. :-) His photos are of the highest quality and they make me smile. You can't get much better than that.

    24th November, 2007

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    tlp photography says:

    "John makes you think, wonder, question and observe things you may never thought of observing before! He is analytical and sincere. He is passionate and sensitive! He is exactly who you want as a contact!

    Thankyou John...for everything!"

    4th January, 2008

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