Patterns--in clouds, stains, concrete floors, flagstones, shower tiles--and, in my paintings. I sketch what I see--shapes, lines, angles and curves. When I look again, what I see is not the same.

Art is the most subjective thing I do. I turn on my Tschaikovsky cds and start with a color or shape, fill the canvas or paper, letting music and my mood dictate what I do. When the paint is dry, I decide what gets attention with outlines and width of line, add details within shapes, and KNOW when I am finished. All--subjective.

When you look at my work, what I hope is--no matter how often you view a piece, it is never the same.

All of my photos are protected under COPYRIGHT. Do not use them in any form without my permission. Please contact me if you wish to use my photos in any way. ~

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January 2010
Painter and Fiber Artist
MtnWoman Silver Fine Art