I am Diamond Farah Deckman...And Yes, Diamond is my REAL birth given name...and I hate it. Call me D.
I am 21+ years old.
I am a mom. Never wanted kids. Especially a girl. Ha, My Daughters name is Quinn and she is my life.
Your critques are more than welcome! But I'm aware I'm no Photographer, I use a point 'n shoot, so try not to be a dick about it. I know amature work when I see it, and I'm pretty much it.
I am showing you a part of me by sharing my photography...
I recently ended my 365 project early...but I still post as often as possible.
I would love to meet you, I am trying to meet all the people I can in my lifetime. I crave connection. Im a soul searcher.
Chicago screams for me, EVENTUALLY, I'll get there.
I'm a painter, I love to paint...the art of you and I...Check it out.
I also write. I'm a HUGE blogger. I currently am juggling three... my favorite? Tumblr.com
I use a Canon(<3) Powershot S3IS and mostly Picnik.com to edit. If I had my choice in cameras, Id take ANY Canon DSLR. ANY. I love Canon.

Take an intrest in my life, its not boring...

AIM: DiamondFarah
Email: Lilpainter13@gmail.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/diamondfarah
Blogs: diamondfarah.tumblr.com
And check my myspace blog. <3

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January 2009
Urbana, United States of Change <3
I am:
Female and Single
The Art of You and I, My Paintings<3