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At the age of 16, I founded my school’s photography club. We recorded the activities of fellow students for annual yearbooks, developing and printing photographs from black and white film. Some years later, encouraged by friends and colleagues, I secured some commissioned work, including images for clients’ books. I have advanced my creative style of visual storytelling, through tutelage and expertise provided by Belfast Exposed and others. I am a strong advocate of visual literacy.


My academic interests are international relations and its interdisciplinary dimensions of politics, history, and economics. I became very interested in efforts to address ethno-national and other identity based conflicts. This gave me an appreciation of the power of belief and one’s adherence to particular world views. So, while it is useful to ascertain facts, realities are influenced by traditions and customs. I seek to learn and interpret this phenomenon.


My professional experience includes authoring and editing a variety of text, from press statements, manifestos, policy papers, newsletters, fact checks, and explainer articles. I enjoy making images and storytelling — documenting events and experiences of peacebuilding in Northern Ireland. There are many stories to share.

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  • JoinedJanuary 2009
  • OccupationWriter and Photographer
  • Current cityBelfast
  • CountryNorthern Ireland
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