I'm a photographer from the UK and a collector and admirer of fur coats with my own website devoted to my own photoshoots of models posing in real and fake furs: www.mrmockle.com


I'm interested in chatting with anyone with a passion or curiousity for fur fashion, fetishism or appreciation - and enjoy meeting up socially too to share ideas and discuss interests. I am also looking for female models for work on my various photography/videography projects (although some transgender models may be considered) or to help out with their photography needs, especially if furs are involved.


Update February 2010: Long term followers may notice that I am in the process of streamlining my image collection here. This is because I am keeping my fashion website online so have no need to post all of my images here. To see the full range you'll have to visit my website.


Update November 2010: I am currently living near Alicante in Spain but still return to the UK regularly for my photo and video shoots.

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The 'Don' of the fur world. There is very little Mr M doesn't know about his favourite subject. Ask away and be shocked and in complete awe of his knowledge. xxxxxx

September 7, 2007