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I am a "photologist", rather than a photographer and a photoshop junkie by trade who loves scannig faded archive prints. I have over 5000 vintage photos (1910s - 1970s) on my gallery, all of them scanned from both my dad´s and my mum´s family archives. I am interested in the technichal history of photography and its true heroes (Wedgewood, Herschel, Talbot, Archer, Nadar, Maddox, Muybridge, Edgerton). I also like old cameras, weird lenses, self portraits and metaphotography in general. I have a few hundred old photography adverts scanned from National Geographic magazines, and other publications, from the 60s 70s & 80s, as well as some articles.

Rolleicord & A1000is by Mr.FoxTalbot
Flickr toy #1: retrievr Flickr toy #2: findr Flickr toy #3: tagnautica Flickr toy #4: color fields Flickr toy #5: Darkr
IMG_1571 by Mr.FoxTalbot
An alternative way to see my photos here & here
IMG_9559 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Groups I admin: Eedificio de telefonica/ La Carola/ Canon powershot a1000is Primera Comunion-First Comunion/ Basqueland stories Elurtxo Thu the LCD
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Soy más "fotólogo" que fotógrafo. Tengo más de 3500 fotos antiguas escaneadas a partir de los archivos familiares de mi padre y de mi madre. Me interesa la historia de la fotografía y su héroes (Wedgewood, Herschel, Talbot, Archer, Nadar, Maddox, Muybridge, Edgerton). Me encantan las cámaras antiguas, los objetivos raros, los autorretratos y la metafotografía en general. Tengo casi trescientos anuncios de cámaras antiguas escaneados de revistas del fotografía de los 60, 70 y 80, además de algunos artículos. Otra forma de ver mis fotos aqui y aqui


Some of the photographic junk I have used/owned (in rough order of usage/adquisiton): Mis camaritas. Algunas son prestadas. Otras ya no las tengo. Puestas de más antigua a más reciente.

Minolta FS-35 (35mm Point & Shoot)
My first camera by Mr.FoxTalbot
Minolta Dynax 3xi (35mm SLR AF) Not this camera, but close enough[] Canon A1 (35mm SLR 1978)
Canon A1 + 28mm + Autowinder by Mr.FoxTalbot
AA_10~26 by Mr.FoxTalbot
IMG_8805 by Mr.FoxTalbot
IMG_2012 by Mr.FoxTalbot

Fujifilm Finepix 2800 Zoom, 2001 (Silvia´s)
Fuji FinePix 2800 Zoom by Carlos Pupo

Agfa Billy (6x9cm 1931)
My granpa´s by Mr.FoxTalbot
IMG_8807 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Polaroid Land Camera Model 150 (8x10 inches, plate camera)
Polaroid Land Camera - Model 150 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Sony DSC Cybershot P-72 (3mpx digital)
Fisheye Attack! by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kodak Retina (35mm machanichal)
Kodak Retina 1a (1951) by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kodak EasyShare CX6200 2mpx digital
Homenaje Party Cam by Mr.FoxTalbot
IMG_2175 by Mr.FoxTalbot
IMG_2180 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon Ixus 430 (4mpx CF!)
IMG_9512 by Mr.FoxTalbot

35mm crop panoramic
IMG_9548 by Mr.FoxTalbot

Hasselblad (only borrowed it for a bit)
000027 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Sony DSC Cybershot 828 (8mpx digital)
Sony 828 Selfportrait by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kowa (35mm SLR mechanic)
IMG_8819 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Minolta Dimage X31
Minolta Dimage X31 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Pentacon Six (6x6cm SLR)
Pentacon six TL by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon 5D (13mpx DSLR 2005) [] Haliba
IMG_9095 by Mr.FoxTalbot

Casio Exilim EXP 505
Casio Exilim EXP505 by Mr.FoxTalbot

Topcon RE-2 (35mm SLR mechanic)
Topcon, brother, me by Mr.FoxTalbot

Canon Powershot a710
IMG_9526 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kodak Instamatic (35mm Point & shoot)
IMG_9917 by Mr.FoxTalbot
2 Zorki-4 (russian leica replica)
Zorki by Mr.FoxTalbot
Sony DSC-S85 (4mpx)
Sony Cybershot DSC-S85 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Pseudo Lomo Sampler 4x (pseudo-lomo replica)
Pseudo Lomo Sampler 4x by Mr.FoxTalbot
2 Practika LTL (35mm SLR manufactured by pentacon in eastern germany)
Praktica LTL by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon 300D/Rebel (6mpx DLSR 2003)
300D + 50mm 1.4 :) by Mr.FoxTalbot
Pentax P30t (gift)
Pentax P30t by Mr.FoxTalbot
Minolta-16 II (not actually mine, just keeping it for someone else)
The Minolta-16 II (1960) by Mr.FoxTalbot
Sony cybershot p32 (3mpx digital)
Sony P32 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Polaroid SLR 680
IMG_9594 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon 1000D (10mpx DSLR 2008)
IMG_2924 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon A1000 IS (10mpx digital)
IMG_8925 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Sony Mavica FD-73 (0.4mpx Digital 1998, 3,5¨ floppy storage)
Sony Cybershot MVC-FD73 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon AE1
Canon AE-1 Program by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon 1D Mark2 (belongs to Desmond Table)
Perico´s monster camera by Mr.FoxTalbot
Halvareit (by "El_maza")
IMG_0102 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Canon EOS-1 (1989) Not really mine but i thought it´d look cool here.
IMG_0454 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Minolta "Big Finder"
IMG_1904 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kodak Brownie Fiesta Camara (bought from Raquel Meyers)
_MG_4189 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Rolleicord LLB (1939)
Rolleicord IIb by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kodak EasyShare C330 (from Maritxu)
IMG_9962 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Nikon F-401 (Fist nikon in the family!)
Nikon F-401 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Leica III (I wish this one was mine)
Leica III - Polka Dots by Mr.FoxTalbot
Carena SRH 1001
Carena SRH 1001 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Samsung "Fino 700s"
Samsung "Fino 700s" by Mr.FoxTalbot
Praktica MTL 5 B
Praktica MTL 5 B by Mr.FoxTalbot
Disderi Robot 3
Disderi Robot 3 by Mr.FoxTalbot
Kodak Junior 620
Kodak Junior 620 by Mr.FoxTalbot

Panasonic Lumix FX1
lumix by Mr.FoxTalbot

Minolta X-300S
Minolta X-300s by Mr.FoxTalbot

Canon Powershot SD850is (Ixus 950is)
Canon Ixus 950 / SD850 by Mr.FoxTalbot

Olympus 35 SP (from el Jebi)
Olympus 35-SP by Mr.FoxTalbot

Canon Autozoom 814 Electronic (Super 8)
Canon Autozoom 814 Electronic by Mr.FoxTalbot

Go Pro Hero
GoPro - Naked by Mr.FoxTalbot

Sony NEX3 + FD Adaptor + FD Lenses
Rafael Ricoy´s Sony Nex3 and the FD lens crew by Mr.FoxTalbot

Bilora Bonita 2 TLR Camera 6x9 (1953-1958) - (from aunt Olga)
Bilora Bonita 2 TLR Camera 6x6 120film (1953-1958) by Mr.FoxTalbot

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