I'm a regular guy that enjoys landscape and nature photography. With every image I take, I try to give the viewer a piece of what I was able to see and experience.

Peace and Love

Main Site: david thompson photography

You can also see some more of my work at 500px.com/dthompson

and now on Google +

If you want to see more of my work, and want to have a little more interaction, and see images that I may have not posted anywhere else, come check me out on Facebook.

David T.

All of my images are special and dear to me, please contact me for any usage of my images. All images are copyrighted.

Here are some of my personal favorites

Exploded - Lands End, Cornwall, England

Coastal Potholes

The End

The Revealing

Aspen Fever

The Apocalypse - Badwater - Death Valley National Park

The Spotlight

Flow - A Black Friday Special

Reflected - White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

Inner Glow

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    Ania Tuzel Photography says:

    "It is not easy to write something new that has not been already said about this great photographer,David is an excellent source of inspiration and without any doubt He is one of my favorite photographers here on Flickr.Each of his photographs are carefully designed to detail,David has a great mastery over light, He uses His lens to "paint" beautiful texture, lines, shapes, geometry and to highlight the natural color in landscape photography.
    His portfolio is mind blowing,a delight for the eye,every image has a story and it is very informative as well. The other thing I like about David is that when I needed some help with a post processing my images he didn't turn me down, He literally spent the whole day helping me,He is not only an amazing and knowledgeable photographer, but also super helpful, genuine and very kind person.I appreciate Him very much,Thanks my friend for all that!!


    November 15th, 2011

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    Sayid Budhi says:

    "I continually am inspired by David's images, especially the landcape photography. They cover a wide range of subjects, and always are gorgeous. This stream is definitely one worth following - now I decided to constantly to follow his each photos and learning about photography from David's eye and skill. You will too."

    August 26th, 2011

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    Psoup216 says:

    "David is the kind of landscape photographer I aspire to be like when my photography skills grow up!

    Always in awe when I visit his stream."

    May 9th, 2011

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    maxxsmart says:

    "David, or maybe I should say "Mr. Breezy" has been an inspiration to me in many ways. The drive this guy has is nothing short amazing. The guy is a photography machine. Watching his style grow, as well as his technical skills expand have been a true pleasure to watch. From the long, funny back stories of how image image was made, to the "boot camp" trips that he so well narrates. I never had the privilege of meeting David, but I hope to in the near future. Keep up the sick nasty work, D. You are a true inspiration."

    January 21st, 2011

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    *ChRiSeDa* says:

    "David is such an awesome photographer. I love every single one of his shots. His eye sees only perfection. Wish i could shoot with him sometime. Keep up the good work D.

    Aug 2nd, 2010 ... take care, E"

    August 2nd, 2010

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    Matt Kawashima says:

    "david is super awesome contact to put it simply. this guy always has time to comment my photos and give advice. if you havent done it already you should add this guy, you will be glad you did.
    I'm sure you've also noticed that the pictures he takes are incredible. the beauty he captures in each and every photo is stunning. his work is so inspiring to me. i look forward to seeing all the other photos he has in the future. super stoked i met this guy on here!"

    July 20th, 2010

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    little m:) says:

    "Not only is D breeze one of the most TALENTED photographers on flickr~ he is also far and away the COOLEST dood I have ever met ~ !

    I love his "d breezy" attitude, his STYLE, his lingo (STRAIGHT UP NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTY!) his tatts! and his work~

    Not to mention he is also a GEM of a flickr contact~ always comments, always positive, always makes me smiley:)

    D Breeze~ I am so lucky to have almost died at the Dunes with you~ ha! No, seriously~ you are just a genuine good human being~ the world needs more like you, baby!

    Keep on with your killer shots my friend:)"

    July 11th, 2010

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    JaveFoto says:

    "I had the pleasure of meeting the famous D. Breezy on a photo-shoot in Death valley, NV. Not only was he a wealth of information but a great person and an extraordinary photographer! His willingness to educate and help others in this passion we call photography is what makes him a "class act". He is primarily responsible for getting me over the Photoshop hump. Looking forward to more photo outings in the future. Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work. For some serious inspiration take a look at his photo stream! Jave"

    May 18th, 2010

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    tony kNOwhere says:

    "Simply put, I want my work to captivate people as I have witnessed this cat's photography enrapture flickr goers. He is person that has talked to me on many levels in such a short time. Upon getting into any craft, one needs people with such a spirit of craftsmanship and comradeship as D Breezy. I look forward to watching his work develop, hoping mine can evoke some of the same sentiment."

    April 1st, 2010

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    jeremy-moore says:

    "David is a super cool contact, he is usually one of the first to comment on anything i post. He is a great guy and he is certainly one of the finest photographers I've ever seen..... I'm not a great writer so I hope this gets the point across, ad him as a contact and his images will make your eyes feel good!!!"

    March 28th, 2010

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    a02toyota says:

    "I loose track of time when I am viewing D Breezy's (David's) photos. He has very diverse interests and it shows in the wide swath of photographic subjects he posts.

    From Stunning Night work in "Let's Have Some Fun!!!!!!!" www.flickr.com/ph...
    To "Cracked Earth, Badwater, Death Valley National Park, CA"

    Just wonderful !

    In an e-mail exchange I recently had with D Breezy (David), he reminded me that we have been exchanging views and comments on each others photos for quite awhile. Again where does all the time go ?!:-}}

    Thank You D Breezy for being such a valued contact here in Flickr and hopefully some day we could do a shoot sometime. Ur on the southern end of the state, and I am not that far out of SF Bay...you never know, would be fun.

    Let me know when Ur planning a trip up this way my friend,


    March 24th, 2010

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    Jesse L. Simplerevolution Photography says:

    ""David is a master crafstman when he holds a camera
    His work on long exposures is so inspiring and technically perfect,a great Photographer that finds a new way to show the views and scenes he sees, I personally find his work inspiring and Beautiful, Thank You For Your Support "D""

    February 4th, 2010

David Thompson
May 2008
Las Vegas, USA
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David Thompson Photography