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I like all kinds of photography from street, landscape and abstract to black and white (particularly black and white), architecture and fine art. I enjoy admiring photographs as much as I like taking and tinkering with them.

I do try to consider and compose most shots I am taking but some are admittedly just snapshots of things that make me smile or just a bit of fun (and some of my favourite shots are entirely accidental).

I hope that through time you will start to see a gradual improvement in my photography.


(i) Fujifilm X-T1
(ii) Macro Lens (60mm or 105mm)
(iii) Fisheye

This will inevitably change with time...but there will probably always be something on there.
(17/05/11: My wishlist has gone out of the window now that Floyd has joined the sAg household.)


11/12/13: Breached the half-million view landmark! Thanks y'all! :-)

05/10/13: Really enjoyed this year's Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk at Victoria Baths in Manchester. My images from the day are in this set: #WWPW2013

16/09/13: First image of mine to pass the 10,000 view milestone was Big Light #2:
Big Light #2

01/09/13: Some of my images are being used by Hopwood Hall College on their website and in their publicity materials.

17/05/13: Presentation evening for said prize...

08/05/13: First success in a photography competition; I have just found out I won 2nd prize in the Mann Island Photography Competition with this shot. Made up I am. :-D

25/04/13: Finally finished a commission for Hopwood Hall College to photograph one of their campuses.

10/03/13: The first image of mine to pass 4,000 views is this: Reflective (and also the first time an image of mine has got more than 2,000 views in one day). Another small victory - first time I've had more than 3,000 views on my stream in a day. Cheers everyone!

13/12/12: Another meaningless milestone reached - 250,000 views. Thanking you all very muchly. :-)

15/09/12: Finally received my copy of the 'Android Photography' book today (which features some of my Vignette photos).

24/06/12: A very kind gentleman donated some money to Cancer Research UK for a copy of one of my Pearl Jam photos from 21/06/12 ...Thank you mate!

03/06/12: After years of resistance, I finally succumbed to Facebook...Tsk!

09/05/12: 200,000 views to date. Another small, meaningless milestone passed. Thanks all. :-)

26/04/12: Some of my Llandudno shots featured today on the Archidose blog.

31/01/12: One of my photos (this one) features in a book on Android phone photography (called 'Android Photography' funnily enough). First time one of photos has been used in a book - made up! :-)

21/12/11: Finished my first commision for 5 Plus Architects.

19/12/11: Another print sale via Redbubble...cheers whoever you are!

15/12/11: BBC Wildlife magazine is using one of my photos in their January 2012 issue...the first time one of my photos has been used in a magazine... :-)

22/11/11: Exclamation featured on the Archidose website (#541)...cheers for that.

28/10/11: Breached the 150,000 views landmark. :-)

26/10/11: I received my very first testimonial today (although I didn't know it was there until 05/11/11 - Doh!) from Maxblackphotos. I can't tell you how made up I am - Huge thanks David. :-)

16/07/11: My first ever print sale today...I'm made up...it was of this shot. Thank you, whoever you are!!

23/05/11: I was approached by 5 Plus Architects a couple of months ago about them using some of my images of The Hive and Chancery Place in Manchester. Some now appear on their website.

13/04/11: 100,000 views +

26/01/11: Metro was my first shot to receive 100 faves...another little milestone....many thanks! :-)

17/01/11: 50th post to feature somewhere in Explore...cheers everybody!! :-)

23/12/10: 70,000 views and steadily gathering pace...

05/11/10: The first photo of mine to break through the 1,000 views landmark was again Lafayette, currently standing at 1,147 views...

26/10/10: The Front Page prompted record viewings - first time I breached 1,000 in a day, (1,234 to be precise).

26/10/10: Yayy...my first Explore Front Page was Lafayette. :-)
Front Page #1

11/09/10: Had a spring clean and said goodbye to approx 150 shots from my stream...was quite a painful but necessary exercise.

21/08/10: 50,000 views as of 8.30pm tonight... :-)

10/07/10: Posted 600th shot today, I believe.

05/06/10: 40,000+ views breached today.... :-)

23/04/10: Archidose seems to have carried its influence on to the next day; today I had a record 683 views on my stream; 211 of which where for Warm Front, another daily record. I know these stats are distorted, ( and minuscule compared to some other peoples), but they are well above my usual figures. :-)

22/04/10: Strange day on the Flickr Stats front...viewings seem to have gone through the roof today, relatively speaking. A record 599 viewings in total for the day. The culprit would appear to be this photo which found its way on the Archidose blog front page...thanks whoever you may be!! :-)

20/04/10: "Mr sAg In Print", my photo book from Blurb, finally arrived today...in print at last...and I'm made up with it!! :-)

18/04/10: 25th photo to feature in Explore was this. (My book still hasn't arrived yet though...booo).

10/04/10: Published, so to speak, my first book via Blurb...should receive my copy soon....how exciting! (See badge above for link) :-)

01/04/10: Public upload No. 500 was Get Wisdom | #09. Another small milestone reached.

28/03/10: Best of sAg is a gallery of some of my photo's that has very kindly been put together by light_arted...I really am made...many thanks Gavin!! :-)

19/03/10: The 30,000 views milestone was breached today...may I extend my gratitude to you all...cheers! :-)

28/01/10: The first shot of mine to attract more than 300 viewings, more than 40 faves and more than 40 comments was Shrouded. Each of these little milestones was breached today...yay! I'm thrilled to bits with the response to this shot...thanks all!! :-)

27/01/10: Day 26 of my 365 was my last...I don't feel it's a good thing for my photography and it does demand a lot of time. Ahh well...nothing ventured and all that... :-(

12/01/10: Total viewings for my photo's and 'stream went past 20,000 today...thanks all!!! :-)

07/01/10: My 20th photo to feature in Explore was this.

06/01/10: 1st time I have had 300+ viewings in one day...merci beacoups one and all. :-)

01/01/10: New Year so I thought why not...I've decided to try my own 365 project...whether I will see it through remains to be seen. (UPDATE: It didn't last a month - Ha!).

10/12/09: First shot of mine to reach 200 views was this ... and it's one of my personal favourites!! (It seems to have been on 199 views for an eternity.) :-)

19/11/09: 15,000 views+...marching steadily onwards... :-)

17/11/09: Upload no. 300 was this! (That soon came and went.)

29/10/09: The first of my shots to have more than 20 people 'fave' it was this one! ... another small milestone, (of sorts) ... cheers all - glad you liked it!! :-)

27/08/09: 10,000+ views of my work on Flickr...BIG BIG thanks to you all!!

13/08/09: Some of my pics reviewed by The Guardian newspaper online - I was made up.

06/08/09: 200th (public) photo uploaded...steadily building them up.

11/06/09: The first of my photo's to have over 100 views is this!

08/06/09: 5000+ viewings - Gracias senors y senoritas.

08/05/09: 4000+ viewings - merci beaucoups to you all!!

08/05/09: I am very pleased that this photo has been selected to feature on www.schmap.com
This means a lot to me as it is the first time that somebody has (officially) wanted to use one of my shots for something. Progress is being made. :-)

14/04/09: 100th photo uploaded.

12/04/09: 1st time 200+ viewings in a day. As always a big thanks to all!

11/04/09: 2000+ viewings in total reached. Many thanks to all.

10/04/09: 1st time 150+ viewings in a day.

01/04/09: 50th photo added.

31/03/09: First day I had 100+ views in a day. Many thanks to everyone.

31/03/09: 1000+ views in total reached. It's the first of many landmarks I hope. Many thanks to everyone. Peace.

16/12/08: First photo to be included in Flickr Explore. (Manchester Cyan 2 #375)

Not Mine...

Here is a slideshow of my favourite photo's from the wonderful world of Flickr....my inspiration and aspiration!! Enjoy!! :-)


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    maxblackphotos says:

    "I think you have to start at the beginning of Simons Photostream and then slowly work your way to his current work to see how his eye and technique have developed over the last couple of years, I'm probably guilty of not faving and commenting enough but I always call by to see what images he creates, anyway there's enough folk out there who do all the comments....
    So take time to look through his stream and see how he has come on from just taking photographs to creating Images, a difficult transition that a lot of photographers fail to acheive and one that Simon has done to great effect especially with his images from Central Manchester. I look forward to seeing how Simon develops his style and starts to look at new subject matter"

    October 26th, 2011

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