Professional writer, photographer and design strategist living in Chicago, Illinois.

On farthest south I share my photography and verse.

On alt gestalt I write about design thinking and associative cultural phenomena.

On Good Beer Hunting I chronicle my gustatory adventures as I seek out unique breweries and venues for craft beer.

On Dissmag, I team up with designer and artist, Kyle Fletcher to create Disassociation Magazine, an experiment in collaborative content and the mystery of artistic influence. 

On Real Men Swear, my friend Craighton Berman and I make fun of over-the-top menswear blogs that we secretly love.

On Why Old Dogs are the Best Dogs I collect photos of dogs with old souls and equally as old owners. 

On Sedaqa I used to write about art, and hope to do so again soon. It's also my design portfolio from another life. I still like it there and visit it myself sometimes. Feels like home.

Flickr, Vimeo, Yelp, Rdio, Hype Machine, Pintrest, Nike+, Linked-in.

I work here.

You can say hi this way:, or find other options on my home page.

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Michael Kiser
June 2009
Chicago, USA
I am:
Good Beer Hunting