Freelance photographer from Indiana


I am looking for glamour, swimsuit and lingerie models!

I also shoot Nudes - implied, artistic, and explicit.


All photo shoots will be shot with a Canon professional digital camera and enhanced in Photoshop. I want them to be photo book quality, I plan to do a coffee table photo book. I have a chromakey green background which allows me to remove the green background and add a digital background. I have many CDs full of backgrounds to choose from. I need new models to work with me on creating some great images. I am willing to do some TFDI (time for digital images - Professional quality on CD/DVD) images like that found in FHM, Maxim,Stuff and Playboy magazines.



If I emailed you this link you must create a free account and add me as a contact or send me flickr email. I will add you to my friends and family and then you can see all my pics.

Or email and ask for a guest pass. Default pics are not my current images. I decided to make them private there fore you must be added to see all my work.

Most shoot iImages are sets and multiple sets are collections, It is much easier to access them instead of paging through the photo stream.


WARNING: No person, persons, companies, organizations, groups or institutions using this site or any of its associated sites shall be granted permission to reproduce, or cause to be reproduced, either directly or indirectly, any of the photographs, images, and contents of this profile (the, "Profile") for any commercial or noncommercial use in any manner whatsoever in perpetuity throughout the universe.



Some of the sets are of my risque sets and you should be 18 or over since they contain lingerie, implied nudes, artistic nudes and basic nude layouts.


Other general modeling portfolios will be added soon but you may see them on my links. Please visit my main web site link. I created this profile mainly to show images that I couldn't show on the Facebook .


I have several recent shoots that I haven’t posted online yet; I am still doing post shoot work on them. I am located in Mooresville/Camby area. I am shooting part time now. I shoot from my home; I have all the equipment a studio has except I have to setup and then take it down. My credentials are posted in the pic folders and I can provide my information such as background checks etc.

My photography can be found at (the first link it my original site and hasn’t been updated, the second link is my Flickr account


I am wanting to use as a new marketing site, so my new images will be posted on that site and the URL will be added to soon.


I have photography profiles on these professional networking sites:

iStudios # 25082

Photo Model # 272

One Model Place #6595

Model Mayhem #73608

Model Locate # 5836

Jurgita #169836

Dazzle Models #3388

Facebook: mpfotografie

Zorpia: mpfotografie


I will add you as a contact if you have personal pics or connected to photography, modeling or fashion. Otherwise I will not add you.

Please do not put crude, rude, or nasty comments on any image. The models do not read or respond to comments. Please do not favorite pictures that say "No Favorites." Many models do not want thier images appearing on other profile's favorites so I ask you to respect their wishes. I have a general policy to as that you do not favorite any image unless it gives permission.

I do not add to groups as a general policy.



I am cleaning up contacts who either haven't added my profile or doesn't have images of them self.


I am beginning to realize there are many fakers on here using other' peps pics as their own or simple put web pics and not personal pics. I can surf the net and find web pics myself.


If someone is wanting to see my photography with the models, I feel like they should have something to offer in return.



My gf TJ passed away from her struggle with Lymphoma. I have only a set of pics for special family contacts to see. I have left some of her classier shoots as a tribute to the love of my life. No one will ever be able to replace her.



----///--\\\----put this

---|||----|||----on your

---|||-- -|||----profile if

---|||-- -|||----you know


-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived

------///\-----or has passed away from


----///--\\\---Thank you

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A very professional portfolio, I appreciate the varied photographs that are sometimes explicit and sometimes implicit. They demonstrate the extent of the photographer's talent for MpFotografie It is a beautiful source of inspiration! Friends from the French Riviera

May 24, 2019