Born and live in England.

I began to really enjoy photography around 6 years ago. Always dabbling with new styles and techniques. In 2016 I discovered Instagram and really got into it. Late 2018 realised that Instagram was holding me back from my creative side for a number of reasons. I now call Flickr home for my photos.


I try to capture my daily life in the most creative and interesting ways.


Thank you for viewing my photos. Have a wonderful day.


== Current Gear ==


Gear is not important to me, but this is what I use


- Olympus E-PL1

- Sony WX350

- OnePlus 5T

- GoPro Hero 7 Black


== Philosophy ==


Every image we take is a thin slice of life. Time is precious and fleeting.


Photography helps my soul. Photography helps me breathe. Photography helps me live.


I take a lot of photos. Many are OK, most are really not great. I'm trying to improve, but I'm also trying to capture the moment. Photography is part creativity and part memory preservation for me.

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