i am related to lucy and leanne. i am a lucky woman with a nice family though i sometimes panic and sweat in the cold late at night. it makes me happy for the light of the morning.

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Becky says:

Moya.. is that your name, Moya? From the prehistoric neon-glow of 1982 to the present day, Moya has been a true blue friend. She is, to quote a wise man: SPECIAL! Now, Moya, imagine me positioning my hands into the Heidi-in-the-corner-of-the-photo pose.

May 31, 2006
Terrific Sound (deleted)

moya is the smartest girl i know. she has love for and knowledge of the night sky, (me), good light, cheese, old soviet films, brecht, foucault, san francisco, janet frame, goethe, vegetables, diane ackerman, food food food, and she is an expert at managing and documenting software projects. whatta gal!!

June 1, 2005