MOTOKO FUJITA and her camera are both “made in Japan”. She started taking photographs to record stray dogs she found roaming about the city streets of Fukuoka in Japan. Since then she has consistently challenged herself in all areas of photography. From early in 2003 she has been based in Dublin, Ireland, working mainly as a music, heritage and fine art photographer. She has photographed inter alia The Orb, Andy Rourke (of Smiths), Mani (of Primal Scream), Youth and Alfie, as well as many Irish bands. She works for Office of Public Works, the heritage preservation section of Irish government. She was one of the core members of A Fair Land Project of Grizedale Arts developed in IMMA 2016. Since then she is working on new development projects in Ireland, UK and Japan as a core member of Fairland Collective. She is currently coordinating a sustainable art residency project in Japan with Grizedale Arts and the second residency program is set in October 2018 for one month. Whilst still at Baiko Gakuin University (MA), Shimonoseki City, Japan, Motoko studied the Irish author James Joyce. Upon moving to Ireland she was attracted to the quaint, old-world, picturesque look of Chapelizod and quickly began to capture images of the village; these and others have led directly to her work The Shadow of James Joyce.


The photographic book and the related photo exhibition at the James Joyce Centre (North Great Georges St. Dublin) were launched to critical acclaim in the summer of 2011. Five images from this series were purchased as state art collections by the OPW after running exhibitions at Farmleigh (Phoenix Park), The Visitor Centre (Phoenix Park) and Castletown House (Celbridge) in 2013.


As the chair-person of the Japanese Cultural Club (JCC) in Chapelizod she has been active in introducing Chapelizod village and Ireland to Japan. Through her work with the JCC, she helped to conceive and realise the first Japanese festival “Experience Japan” at Phoenix Park in Dublin in April 2010, an event that was attended by more than 20,000 visitors in one day and is now held annually.


In working for Grizedale Arts, a contemporary art organisation in UK, she coordinated a residency program in Japan and the link become an on-going social engagement project for 2018. Working as a core member of Fairland Collective, she is involved in various kinds of re-vitalization projects


-Exhibitions and projects-

In the Shadow of James Joyce (Exhibition along the publication of the same title)

James Joyce Centre (2011)

Farmleigh (OPW 2012)

Castletown house (OPW, 2012)

Visitor Centre (OPW, 2013)

Chapelizod (2013)



Worked with Grizedale Arts (UK) in the development of A Fair Land project April - August 2016


One Pot, Two Ports

as a core member of Fairland Collective

Sefton county council, Human library project (UK) January 2017-March 2018


The land we live in – The land we left behind - curated by Adam Southerland (Grizedale Arts, UK)

Her photographs of Fairland Collective projects were displayed.

Hauser &Wirth Somerset (UK) January 2018



as a come member of Fairland Collective

St Joseph of Shankill, Dublin 2019


-Collections - State Collection (Ireland, 2012)


-Published work -

The Shadow of James Joyce (Motoko Fujita, Lilliput Press, 2011)

Phoenix Park (John McCullen, OPW publication 2015, include commissioned images by Motoko Fujita)

Parks (The Royal Parks in UK and OPW in Ireland publication 2017, include commissioned images by Motoko Fujita)

Feast Magazine (UK, 2018)

Alina Streltsova from the Russian art magazine Iskusstvo (July 2018)

Peter Hodgson (Grizedale Arts 2018, include commissioned images by Motoko Fujita)



Cill Rialaig (Ireland) 2013 & 2014

Grizedale Arts (UK), June & October 2016, January & October 2017,

IMMA(Ireland) as Fairland Collective, April to August, 2016

Sefton County Council. UK 2017 January -2018 March

Back Lane West, UK, 2018

Age& Opportunity in care setting, Ireland 2019


MOTOKOそのものと、使用のカメラはどちらも日本製。福岡在住時代に、野良犬を記録するためにカメラを持ち出して以来、人物、風景、広報から抽象まで、出くわす被写体の面白さ全てに挑戦。2003年、ダブリンに漂着してからは、主にミュージック・フォトグラファーとして活動。THE ORB, ANDY ROUKE(THE SMITHS), MANI(PRIMAL SCREAM),YOUTH, ALFIE その他、地元のアイリッシュバンドなど、ダブリンのロックンロール・シーンに吸着。バンドのイメージショットは全て、自らの徘徊趣味を活かしたロケーションで発見した穴場を舞台に、それぞれのバンドの音楽性を、視覚的ユニークさで表現できるようにすることを目指している。自身のサイトは現在建設中だが、作品の一部はここで見られる。





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