"Methinks my own soul must be a bright invisible green." -Henry David Thoreau

I sort of like this space being blank...I don't know exactly how to describe myself and if I could, I would probably want to change it, and would. It should be abundantly obvious that I am fascinated by nature, and it is my hope always to learn the messages that it will teach us.

Out of the Shadows

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If you are a faceless icon with no images of your own to share and want to simply fave my images without leaving a comment, know I will block you.

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  • Susan Heller, 2009 Art in Service to the Environment Award by Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club
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    Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club says:

    "'mothernature' has been honored by Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club (Texas). Here is the nomination for the award presented April 10, 2010:

    For the first “Art in Service to the Environment” award, for work done or continued in 2009, I would like to nominate Susan Heller for her work in her set of photographs “Nature Speaks”

    Her body of work exemplifies John Muir’s philosophy. She has attracted a large audience of photographers who admire her work, are refreshed and energized by her vision.

    Most of the images in this set, “Nature Speaks” were taken near her Allen, Texas home, in her own habitat. Her ability to communicate the grandeur of a thunderstorm as well as the jewel like quality of a dewdrop, a leaf or a grass seed head is a joy to behold and exemplifies the Sierra Club dictum: Explore, enjoy and protect the planet.

    I also think it is important that she is using modern democratic media, the internet, to reach a wider audience than was possible when great photography was limited to professionals publishing in print media or artists hanging in galleries. Some may think this premature, since she is not a known name in Texas art circles. I think this is a chance to use this first time award to spotlight an artist who deserves a larger audience.

    My hope is that this award will encourage others to seek out her work (where it is free and open to the public) and for her to receive wider recognition. Last year she gave the Lone Star Chapter Sierra Club permission to use her images in print and on the website, as have many other generous artists in a long tradition of artists drawing from nature and giving back."

    March 19th, 2010

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    Eric W. Hodel says:

    "Mothernature is one of the most insightful people I have met here on flickr. She has a true love for nature and all the things that work together to make it happen and a beautiful way of sharing these things with us. I always look forward to seeing what mothernature will teach us today. Thanks for being such a good friend here Susan."

    May 30th, 2009

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    JD Fielding says:

    "A lover of nature, and truly a person whose photographs and words match her connection with both the Earth Mother and her inhabitants.

    I enjoy getting comments from Susan and following her stream. i am glad to have her as a contact. May 2009 be a blessed year for you my friend...thanks for all of your kindness."

    December 25th, 2008

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    Road Fun says:

    "I was embarrassed to notice today that I have not written a testimonial for Susan. She brings a really unique viewpoint to Flickr in her photos and in her words. Always thoughtful, both the photos and the comments have true depth of insight and feeling. I have to say Susan was one of my earliest inspirations on Flickr and I consider her a true friend here. I'm always interested to check out her new photos and to read her comments on mine."

    August 4th, 2008

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    Donna Sullivan Thomson says:

    "I've decided to set some time aside and leave a few testimonials for people (flickrites) who inspire me and Susan is at the top of that list. I know the word "wow" is somewhat overused on this site but when you look at Susan's breathtaking photographs, you just can't help yourself. "Wow" is usually the first word that pops out of my mouth! Her travel photos (like her recent trip to Alaska) pull you right in to the beauty of the land ~ I swear you can sense the cool and fresh air. Susan shares her home state of Texas with us and shows us the expected and unexpected in such an awesome variety ~ while making the expected extra special and not what you really expected after all. She has also one of my all-time-favorite photos on flickr. Check out 'The Staircase' in her "Green Room" set or her set of 130 photos on Explore!

    You always inspire me, Susan, to strive to take better photographs and to travel longer roads. Thank you! (((((hugs))))), Donna"

    July 25th, 2007

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