I wander the west taking pictures of myself and my many awesome adventures. Flickr is my casual photo album, all play and very little work happens here.

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  • Wedding, Prom and a 4 hour drive, Saturday well spent. by MoshChick
  • Storms a' brewin' by MoshChick
  • Crow High School Prom by MoshChick
  • Eugene Marathon by MoshChick
  • Big O Glo by paddy h19
  • How do you feel? by MoshChick
  • Obsolete. by MoshChick
  • Jumping for Joy and being swept away. by MoshChick
  • Run! by MoshChick
  • Jealousy by MoshChick
  • Bubbles! by MoshChick
  • I may have gone overboard... by MoshChick

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    Ruthven78 says:

    "Other than great photos, she's also a great leader! haha. I found Lacey's photos on the internet and they inspired me to get more into photography as well as joining flickr. A strange factiod is that our mothers attended the same high school over 100 miles away! And I we didnt learn about that fact until after discussing photography. I inspire to have as good of an eye for shots as she does as well as the technical know-how to capture them."

    September 8th, 2007

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    gtikyle says:

    "Lacey has amazing talent and a good eye for finding the right shots. She's super easy to go out and shoot with, and takes notice of things that most would bypass. She shares knowledge, models, and the occasional lens (if your cool enough). Just watch out for the lens envy she has, or your likely to get mugged ;-P haha. J/k"

    September 4th, 2007

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    IZ K_0 says:

    "moshpitrockchick has awesome photos XOXO"

    December 21st, 2006

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