Commercial pilot with instrument rating living in North Texas. Currently I'm trying to finish up my degree and start a new career in aviation at the same time. I’m like most pilots in that I have always looked up at the sky from my days as a boy growing up and wanted to be up there flying. I remember thinking the two coolest jobs in the world were being a pilot or a police officer. I guess people don’t look at those two jobs the same way anymore.

I’m also a certified scuba diver, but haven’t dove in a few years, and love going on dive trips. I’m a husband and father. I love playing with my kids and teaching them things about life that they don’t teach in school.

Obviously I like photography. I currently shoot with a Nikon D300 & Nikon D700. I have a couple of tripods but love my Manfrotto the best. I have a few lenses that I use but keep the 150mm – 500mm on the D300 most of the time and the 50mm 1.8 on the D700. I try and take a camera with me at all times.

I try to comment on as many contacts as time allows. I will make an effort but can’t promise that I will stop by everyday or even every week. If you add me as a contact and I don't respond... please don't get mad and send an e-mail asking what my problem is. Maybe I don’t know you added me. Make a few comments and most of the time I then notice that you added me as a contact. Only people that I have added as a contact can view photos in the "all sizes." Or in other words a larger viewing of the shot.

The ninth Air Force patch that I use as my icon is giving respect to a man that I had a huge amount of respect for and is no longer here. If you want to know more just ask.

Sorry that it has come to this. However, recently for some reason unknown to me I have had a rash of people falling into this category of non-readers or people that just don’t care. Some of you may feel that this is being dramatic or whatever other descriptive word you want to use. Bottom line… this is my stream that I pay for and can set the rules up anyway I see fit. I also reserve the right to change them as I see fit or to just ignore or apply the rules different to different circumstances. Again… my stream.

This is an issue that I have. If you fave a photo and do not have any photos of your own to share with the rest of us, if your stream is filled with photos that you downloaded from the web, if your stream is full of porn or if your profile is not filled out, at least somewhat, I will block you. There is just something strange about that to me. This isn’t anything personal. I believe that this is a community of people learning and spreading their knowledge to others. You do not have to partake in the sharing or learning aspect of this environment. However, you may be treated differently than what you expect so don’t act shocked when you are blocked. I may not have the best photos on flickr but they are mine.

If you have your profile set to private and you add me as a contact I will not reciprocate, and may block you. I will not add you if I can not see what is in your photo stream or if I can not read your profile (yes… I read the profile of all my contacts). I have family (including grandparents and kids) that visit my stream and would like to keep porn out of it. I just don’t feel that flickr is the place for it.

If you like a photo and want to use it in a blog just ask me first. The people that don’t ask will be blocked. Again, nothing personal, just don’t assume that I’ll be okay with it. I may not agree with what you’re using the photo for and would like some input. Just ASK first.

All photographs in this stream are;
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  • Number one or number two on DC-3? by AV8TER
  • N352SW "Lone Star" by jhdrought
  • Me... sitting inline by AV8TER

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    Kris Klop - says:

    "Jeff is one of the kindest people I know. He has a definitive nack for all things aviation related, and his photos are very enjoyable. Thank you Jeff for all you do, and keep those great photos coming!"

    6th January, 2010

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    Texas Flyer says:

    " AV8TER and I have had several "Flickr meets" so far. I can tell he really enjoys photography. Especially shooting aviation subjects. He usually supplies me with plenty of ideas on techniques that are very helpful as well. It's also nice to watch him share his hobby with his son who has been on a few get togethers with us. It's almost enough to make me want a kid. LOL
    I know that when we meet up we are going to have plenty to talk about and walk away with some good photos. If we aren't taking pic of airplanes we are talking about them and flying. Like me, AV8TER loves flying and I can tell he really wants to be in the air as much as I do. I suspect that is the reason we get along so well. I think he is an all around stand up guy and a good family man so take a few minutes and visit his photo stream!"

    29th October, 2009

October 2006
North Texas
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