"Eat your cereal with a fork and do your homework in the dark!"

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just a few things you never needed to know

1. Shy! If you look up shyness in the dictionary you wouldn’t find me I would be hiding on the other page.

2. I grew up poor, so to this day I collect everything and still have the few toys from when I was little. I say little not kid because I’m still a kid, Peter Pan syndrome.

3. I’m addicted to flikr

4. I love everything about a women, everything!

5. Favorite foods are popcorn, cheese - not together, bread, pasta and olives – the Italian coming out! And I do believe I make the best Pizzelles.

6. Names, I can’t remember names to save my life but I remember the SS# of my first real girlfriend, what’s that about?

7. Okay I might loose my Mancard for this but I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, cheep date! But the irony of this is (I might redeem myself) I have my name on a plaque in Old Chicago for completing a beer tour and I’m working on another one.

8. Baseball, what can I say – love it! Don’t ask me any of the player’s names but I can sit for hours and watch it – Zen thing I guess!

9. I’ve seen more movies then I care to admit. I remember the first movie I ever went to, what a feeling. (Collecting note: I have over a thousand movie star autographs)

10. I’m a Graphic Designer – not artist! I can draw and have for my whole life; I have my sketch books from when I was little to prove it. But I’ve been in a room with a Disney artist, wow no comparison! They pay me to design, so I’ll stay with that title.

11. I love my job! Yes it true, I am little nuts but I do, they pay me to create! Don’t get me wrong it’s still a job and some days my mind reading skills don’t work so well.

12. Love music, all music! I’ll listen to just about anything. I’m closing in on 13,000 on my ipod - remember the collecting thing!

13. I’ve been going to school for ever, taking a little break but I’m not planning on stopping! Knowledge baby!

14. Words frustrate me, I have a whirlwind of thoughts in my head and I can’t get them out. I see a photo on flickr and when I comment all that comes out is beautiful, fantastic or great tone. So don’t be offended if you only get one of those from me.

15. I work on a computer, play on a computer every day and still can’t type. I ‘m one of the worlds worst spellers/writers in the world! That’s why I started working on this when I started Flickr and I’m posting it 6 months later.

I want to be noticed without being noticed! JR

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    Tina Lee Studio says:

    "I have been wanting to write JR a testimonial for a while now - he is so inspirational!! Have you ever seen such versatile work? Many of us think of him as the "cloud master" - but if you really study his stream, you will find there is so much more to this incredibly creative photographer!! His work is breathtaking!! But even more has been the pleasure of getting to know JR as a person!! He is honest when commenting, humble about his own work and you know you are going to see wonderful art from him on a daily basis! JR has become a true Flickr friend and I just adore him!"

    October 17th, 2009

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    Images by Samuel  says:

    "JR has been a real treasure of a contact. He always surprises me with his creative approach to treatments and photography. Thank you JR for all your continued support and inspiration !!"

    August 30th, 2009

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    shutteratthethought says:

    "An artist in it's truest form. His work speaks for itself!!!"

    August 13th, 2009

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    jssteak says:

    "JR is a real creator, an extraordinary talent, and very good natured. He's been a real pleasure to be on shoots with and a willing teacher to someone so ignorant of the "tools of the trade". Thanks man."

    July 23rd, 2009

JR Goodwin
April 2008
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