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As a somewhat old fashioned romantic, I am drawn to Quixotic passions, and maintaining the drive for meaningfulness is vital to daily life. It's easy to be sedentary, complacent, and not to rock the boat- why live easy? Here's what jolts my pulse; uplifting the passion for our singular experience in being alive, in gaining knowledge (and losing it, as needed), to be awed, and living in accord with hard-won virtues. It matters greatly to be among those who also feel that what they do really matters, and yet have the humility to laugh (crassly) about it. So, I like to hang out at the curious junctions of Philosophy, Science, Spirituality, Service and Expression. I hope you're rather a fan of that place on the map as well. It takes some getting to, eh?

I'm one of those mystical-leftie-homos too who writes books. Isn't that fun?

I use a range of cameras, from a Sony a65, Nikon AW100, High Speed Casio EX-100, and a modified Full Spectrum Fuji something-or-other. I see cameras as a good tool for recording an environment, but post-process is crucial in capturing the feeling. I see no shame in editing- unless you try to pass something off as unedited. Then, shame the infidel!

My first real "show" of pix ran from January to March 2007 in Asheville. It was a great experience, and all of the 33 pix were originally posted in Flickr. A goodly portion of profits from the show were used to create art scholarships for others. Two other exhibits have followed; The Memory of Light in 2011 and Evidence of Dreamtime in 2013. Please send licensing/use inquiries to jj@mmmcs.us.

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    zen says:

    "jay as a photographer and human is a spiritual viewer. in his photos i see the search for an essence even when the shot seems to be just a snap of a bug or leaf or rock, because you know he looked at it, intensely. his happy infectious smile and spirit will eventually wear down your cynicism if you harbor it, and thru his eyes we see part of our larger selves. Thanks, Jay. I like where you've taken your photography."

    October 16th, 2006

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    matildaben says:

    "Jay's photos show consistent vision and exploration, as well as being quite beautiful. He's probably my most-favorited person on flickr, and if I could click on him and put a big star on his head on real life, I would do that too."

    September 27th, 2006

jay joslin
February 2004
newark / newcastle, delaware
asheville, nc, us
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