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Photos of The Stetsonian (12)

  • The Stetsonian by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Shed by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Gravestones by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Canada Geese by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Canal by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Behind Red Doors by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Scary by Zen Mustard Ott
  • Sonja and Harold by leesure
  • Sonja by leesure
  • Boathouse Row by leesure
  • Harold by leesure
  • Sonja by leesure

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    Mars Observer ♂ says:

    "An image can do many things, but, at least in my opinion, the best are those that make you feel and think. Photos that engage us in this way speak to us - they form the basis of a story in our imagination.

    And that's exactly what MonumentBoy does. Viewing his photostream is like stepping back in time - you can feel the coming of age of a nation and it makes you think what it must have been like to live during this time.

    Take a break from the age of information and electronics, and travel back to the age of mechanical machines, steam, and sweat - you'll be glad you did!"

    June 19th, 2012

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    C. R. Wygal says:

    "It has been such a joy to see MonumentBoy's photographic eye progress over the last year. His images transport me to another America... a place of open plains, revolution and the pride of a long day's labor."

    March 20th, 2011

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    Legacy Images says:

    "The Civil War was one of the most significant historical events in our nation’s history. Its stories have fascinated generations who visit these hallowed places of death and destruction across the United States every year. Yet for some of us, these places are special and dear to us in a different way – we see more than just granite and stone monuments that mark the places where regiments took a stand against their foe. We see more than just a place to visit and ponder the past for a few minutes. We Civil War battlefield photographers see the land and place through a different set of eyes.

    A good Civil War photographer sees history and records it through the lens of a camera. A great Civil War photographer does more than that – they see something special – a small, but moving, element of a monument, the fiery colors of a sunset that reminds them of a story of a battle, a landscape so beautiful, yet once such a field of carnage. It’s not enough to simply take a picture on a Civil War battlefield for those of us who love and appreciate the study of the Civil War. It’s our chance to preserve a moment in history that means something very special to us.

    Monument Boy (Harold) is one of the finest Civil War photographers on Flickr. His photostream is always a fascinating journey in the finer points of battlefields, monuments, and re-enactments. His images demonstrate an eye for complete composition, dramatic color, and artistic flare. Monument Boy presents an image that audiences will enjoy seeing, but with a special flare that enhances the viewers perceptions of the content it captures.

    Please keep up the good work – you inspire me! Violet Clark"

    May 14th, 2010

Harold Stetson
March 2009
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