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PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. I am sorry to have to put all this official stuff first, but I have discovered many individuals and businesses using my photos for profit or for commercial purposes and now I have to write all this stuff about copyright, etc. Bummer! Anyway, THANK YOU for being HONEST and considerate:

All photos and artwork published on my flickrstream are Copyright © by Maureen Shaughnessy. Please ask BEFORE posting/sharing/using/blogging any of my photos. I am almost always very happy to oblige you; I just like to know about it before you do use my stuff. Thanks!

Creative Commons License

If you DO use my photos for anything, including a blog post, PLEASE include my copyright information directly beneath the photo and use the original title I assigned to the photo.

ALL of my photos are Copyright © by Maureen Shaughnessy. ALL of my photos used by anyone else MUST be linked back to the original photopage (either on my blogs or on my flickr account)

Most of my photos are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


So ..... hi!

if you make me one of your contacts, please write me a short (or long) email so i know what inspired you to click that button to make me a contact! i believe a teeny weeny little email ... is a better way to make connections on flickr than not writing at all. thanks!

about me: i am a seeker .. lover of life .. landscape designer .. artist .. gardener .. writer .. musician .. independent sort .. companion to my soul mate .. mom .. daughter .. sister .. friend ..

i love my husband, kids, family and friends (nonhumans included.)

there is no room in my life for tv, walmart, war, gas-guzzling cars, pesticides or bombs.

i am for beauty, spirituality, connection to the land, children, human rights for all and loving each other.

you always live so,
a being that receives, or
partly receives, or fails
to receive each moment's touch.

-- from "The Discovery of Daily Experience" by poet, William Stafford



ALL of the photos and artwork on my flickrstream as well as my blogs are © All rights reserved. I am happy to discuss making arrangments for you to use my imagery if you write me an email. Thanks for your consideration.


just experimenting with a new flickr tool created by Striatic:
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my most favorite group on flickr, Utata ... it's tribal, fun, ellucidating and always a kick-in-the-butt:


Utata also has a rockin' website! check out all the projects utatans are involved in:


other places to see my artwork, design portfolio and writings, on the web:

Land of LIttle Rain, my photoblog

my Utata member page with project listings

my landscape design portfolio (sortof)

and if you really want to get to know me a little better ... check out my husband's custom furniture website, which is a work-in-progress. i want to help him get the word out about his fine craftsmanship:

Timothy's Fine Woodworking

Our youngest son, Gabe also has a Flickr account full of his wonderful illustrations, handbound books, murals and sculptures. He is making a living as an artist living in Portland, Oregon. Please check out Gabe's flickrstream and his blog.

COPYRIGHT © STUFF (yet again)

Creative Commons License

ALL of my photos are Copyright © by Maureen Shaughnessy. ALL of my photos used by anyone else MUST be linked back to the original photopage (either on my original website or on my flickr account)

All of my photos are to be linked to me if you use them: link to Maureen Shaughnessy Most of my photos are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

okay I have succumbed to the cute-puppy-disease:

my friend and me

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    Rachael Ashe says:

    "Maureen is a lovely soul, and she drips creativity and inspiration from her fingertips down to her toes. She is always there with an encouraging word, and her warmth and kindness never fail to come through in her comments.

    She is a wonderful artist, and seems to be comfortable in many different mediums. Her garden designs and unmistable appreciation of nature have definitely influenced my desire to learn more about plants and flowers.

    Thank you Maureen, for all the lovely words you have left me over the time we've know one another on flickr."

    August 3rd, 2007

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    Bitterroot says:

    "Maureen is the essence of generosity and creativity. Generosity, because of the way she reaches out to others with her encouragement and her love of beauty. Creativity, because of her astonishing ability to see into the heart of places and people and provide new perspectives altogether.

    There is so much grace and power in Maureen’s work with image and the written word. She is able to shift fluidly from one medium to another, melding picture and word into an experience with high emotional impact. Her eloquence is unparalleled.

    I have learned a great deal about expressing a sense of place from Maureen. From afar, I’ve watched her explore color, texture, line, and form -- from broad river vistas to the tiniest leaf fluttering on a fall day. Her photography brings out the soul or the spirit of whatever her subject may be. Her art makes the ordinary extraordinary.

    She is a teacher and friend whose wisdom I treasure."

    February 25th, 2007

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    0 W8ing says:

    "Days pass.. then MontanaRaven shows up on my Contacts page! ..and I know there will be more than one new photo, and that they will be an exploration or celebration of something personal to Maureen, yet touching on themes most of us can appreciate.

    So many people, when they acquire a "good camera", go looking for some "good photographs". You know, like the ones they admire by the famous and the pros. Only after that pursuit frustrates and fails to satisfy do they start to explore what they see in their own way. Only Then do they begin to make satisfying and interesting pictures of what they discover or put before their eyes. A casual browse through (All Those) sets of Maureen's work show she's long since made That leap.

    Recently, in our Raleigh flickr group, we drew 'assignments' from a hat. One such was "Hate it, Shoot It", a phrase taken from a popular photography magazine article years ago. Maureen's set called "Love the Place You're With" brought that up for me, again.

    Besides her artistic creative play on memory, personal nostalgia, homage to her ancestry, appreciation of family, Maureen will also "deal" visually with the "Ugly" she finds. It may seem to be the flip side of the other things that she does consistently well, but perhaps it really is the same coin.. expressing uniquely what matters to her with this incredibly effective medium."

    February 24th, 2007

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    nuanc says:

    "Maureen's work is spirited, alive. Through her images and accompanying words she displays energy and generousity with her life, her ideas and her vision. Her love of nature, art and family show in every frame."

    July 15th, 2006

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    Lorrie McClanahan says:

    "MontanaRaven knows how to caress an image into saying what it was she felt at the moment the shutter fell. Whether delivered straight on or layered in gossamer giftwrap, her imagery brings a range of emotional responses. And much like the best present ever, these photos become more appreciated with each viewing.

    Maureen's sensitive eye and editing skills give one the impression of having stood right there, and better yet, of knowing the reason the photo was taken."

    July 5th, 2006

Maureen Shaughnessy
February 2005
I am:
Female and Taken
Landscape Designer, Artist, Photographer