I've been interested in photography all my life and started getting serious with it in high school. I have used everything from a small point and shoot 35mm camera to medium format digital Mamiya and Hassleblad cameras. I hope to develop my skills far enough to develop a career in photography.

I will also show photographs of some of my art (drawings, designs both in 2D and 3D etc...)

As of right now I have not found a solid concentration in my photography. I love experimenting with all styles and locations as well as studio work.

I have worked in a marketing studio with other photographers shooting products and various subjects for ads. I have also done some work with Weddings and various headshots for friends and family but am looking forward to broaden my horizon.

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Mollie Clark
December 2006
Marietta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
I am:
Female and Taken
Atlanta photographer