Vintage Pyramids

Hmm... well, I like grew up in the Valley of like Los Angeles so I like talk like this like.

I don't know. I've always liked photos.

My first real memory of doing something creative has to be when I was a kid at my cousins' house in Garden Grove (I think off of Beach Boulevard... as if that were a vital detail...). My family from Pakistan was visiting so we all got together there. My uncle from Pakistan had a camcorder, see, and he came up to me and said "Asim, videotape for me," handed me the camcorder, and walked away. I was both excited, and kind of scared out of my mind. I'm just a kid, what if I screwed up?!

Mosque of Muhammad Ali

For the longest time I wanted to use a camera, any camera; but whenever I tried, an adult used to yank it out of my hands saying "You're too young." And finally, my uncle gives me this camcorder and he leaves the responsibility entirely in my hands, literally.

At once, I started taping. It sounds real cliche, but it felt very natural: the camera in my hand.

Colorful Kiran

I started to analyze everything that I saw. Images of the bad things I grew up seeing on home videos - the shakiness, the unnecessary panning, the extreme closeups, the awkward pauses - burned in my brain; I was determined not to recreate those scenes. Instead I innovated. I had the time of my life -- or so I say I did for interesting's sake.


A few minutes passed and someone had apparently gotten word to my uncle that he was an idiot for me giving me, such a "young" kid, the camera, and he came and took it from me, just giving me his thanks. But he was kind about it, and because he was kind, I am now a photographer... whatever that is.

That's my story!

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August 2005
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