"Though I desire to at least posess on film every such tender thing that is glimpsed and brushes past, no matter how much I shoot most of what I want simply flows away like water spilling through a net, and always what remains are only vague, elusive fragments of images, somewhere between afterimages and latent images that sink into countless strata of my mind." -Daido Moriyama [Memories of a Dog]


Lee Gumienny is an American photographer now living in South Korea. He moved to Korea in November 2006 and began taking photographs as a way to better understand the new country he found himself in. His work is mostly set within the modern city, documenting activity in social spaces and the effects of people on those spaces. He is particularly curious about the ways in which modern life either connects people or alienates them from each other.

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If you would like to contact me, or if you are interested in using any of the photographs on this site, please email me at: lee.gumienny [at] gmail.com

All content is © Lee Gumienny.

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  • Factory boy by SushantaBarman33
  • Lee at add5grams by Greg Williamson
  • ZI Power to the People! - Lee Gumienny by gumanow

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    John Goldsmith says:

    "Quirky and playful. I like."

    December 27th, 2008

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    gumanow says:

    "I've quickly become a fan of Lee's work. He has a keen eye for composition and for when things are going to happen. I learn from him every time we go out shooting together. He has incredible patience and the ability to hold back on the shutter to get his composition just right. I'm so happy to have Lee as a friend, neighbor street shooter, and contact."

    October 31st, 2008

Lee Gumienny
October 2006
South Korea