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I probably don't have to mention this, I'm sure it's painfully obvious to anyone looking at my photos, but I am not a professional photographer or even an amateur one lol - I take pictures of the kids in my class and my pets because I love them. I am reading and trying to learn to take better pictures, and I've become addicted to photographing random objects and other things besides my kiddos and animals and I welcome criticism and tips on how to take better pictures!

Also - my flickr site is partly just a photo blog of my daily life, but there are some "real" photos thrown in too ... I'm thinking of creating another account to separate the "daily life" dandid snapshot stuff from the actual photography but haven't gotten around to it yet ... so for now, you have to dig through the crap to find the gems :-)

MNicoleM. Get yours at
OK - now, describe myself ... I am a special education teacher in Winder, GA. I teach a group of elementary school aged kiddos who all have moderate to severe autism. I am also working on my PhD in autism. I live in Loganville, GA with my husband, dogs, parrot and guinea pig.

class blog: Mrs. Mays's class
teaching bog: The Autism Teacher
personall blog: Ramblings of Insanity

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    aback team says:

    "Just getting to know ya -

    So heres a first impression:

    Total lunatic... ok no no seriously...

    Such a grate lady, funny - kind - and eye for decorating.

    Keep up the good work!"

    July 5th, 2007

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    chris.mays says:

    "It is not an easy task to sum up all that is Nicole is a few words, so these photos are invaluable as they give us a colorful look into her soul and personality. She is a cute, and barely sane, Elmo freak whose camera has become permanently attached to her face. Life without Nicole would be a bore. I love her pictures, but I love her more."

    July 3rd, 2007

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    Free2bJ.C.♡Photos says:

    "Nicole is a great photographer, an incredible teacher, and a great friend :) I'm so honored that I met her on Flickr and can call her my friend. Not to mention that she has gorgeous furry/feathery babies :)"

    July 3rd, 2007

Nicole Mays
June 2006
Loganville, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
special education teacher
Ramblings of Insanity