Regarding permission to use these photographs
Many, but not all, of my photographs are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Please check the licensing info on the page for the given photo. If you want to use something beyond how I've initially licensed it here, please ask.

The Creative Commons license I've chosen for most of these photos requires attribution and a link back to the original URL of the work here, and to the license, and restricts any sort of commercial use.

I'm willing to waive the still reserved rights for other uses but you must ask and receive permission from me.

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    easement says:

    "I was reading boingboing the other day and saw all of these posts about people blogging about the grokster/mgm case. I logged on to flickr just to check out if I had any comments and saw that Matt was so on top of things that he was there there all night camping for a ticket (which he got). I didn't even know that the case was going by the supreme court so soon.

    Even though he openly admits to enjoyng hanging out with the bike messengers rather thean the EFF geeks, he always has his finger on the pulse of ways to help out the good guys."

    April 1st, 2005

September 2004
Web developer, Photographer