I love cats.

Cats are cute, beautiful, noble, and a little brutal.

I hope you will feel good to see a picture of my cats.

Please enjoy. (゚д゚)シメジ


ねね Nene



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  • I tuoi passi leggeri... by Mystique P
  • A Miyuki... by musymas
  • el espia / the spy by MaríaLuisa ©
  • HAPPY EASTER !!!! by Gislaadt Art - 2 000 000 VIEWS !
  • Happy Birthday Mummy - Joyeux Anniversaire Maman !! by Gislaadt Art - 2 000 000 VIEWS !
  • Stella  By martian cat by *cornishpixie OFF
  • Happy New Year's Eve! by martian cat
  • A flower to thank all my Flickr Friends by Christabelle12300!,( OF FRIDAYS )
  • For all Women by Gislaadt Art - 2 000 000 VIEWS !
  • Some petals for my Friends by Gislaadt Art - 2 000 000 VIEWS !
  • That look by Sappho et amicae
  • A rose for my Flickr Friends by Christabelle12300!,( OF FRIDAYS )

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    Belén Thomas says:

    "Oh jee, where to start? Miyuki has too many great qualities and talents to summarize it all here.

    Her photos are fantastic. Her cats are gorgeous, and she is able to perfectly capture it. Each of her photos are crafted with expertise. From perfect focusing to the perfect coloring, she knows it all. Miyuki is excellent with lighting techniques as well. Her photos are well lit, that combined with her superior aperture mastery makes certain aspects of her pictures really pop and stand out in amazing ways.

    She is very skilled at creating a mood within her pictures using coloring, lighting, composition, and perfect timing. (And of course, it helps to have plenty of adorable subjects to work with \(*^_^)/ )

    Besides being a wonderful photographer, she is also a wonderful friend. Supportive, funny, and always kind :]
    Miyuki manages to always make me smile either from her kindness or her humor. And we are on two different continents!

    Miyuki is a talented and fantastic human being, with a love for not only her adorable cats, but for all Kitty cats alike.
    She's awesome \(*^_^)/"

    August 26th, 2015

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    # M4M Bones_herbes Gracias por comentar says:

    "Me quedo maravillado de lo bien que tratan a los gatos en Japón.
    Siempre he sabido que es un pueblo muy culto y amante de la naturaleza."

    June 11th, 2015

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    rpalandri says:

    "Love her photos, her cats are funny and she's really able to catch their mood"

    February 21st, 2013

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May 2012
武州多摩郡 新撰組
TKO, JPN. As Fujiyama.Harakiri Geisya girl.
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