The Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT) is a recognized student organization at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working under the auspices of the Edgerton Center. The team draws on a broad range of technical knowledge encompassing all fields of engineering and science. Team membership provides an intense educational experience which teaches practical skills impossible to communicate in the classroom environment, turning students into engineers. In addition to providing real-world design and manufacturing experience, involvement in the team develops project management and business skills. The team also gives students the opportunity to work closely with professors and members of the business community, including those on the board of consultants, when developing the vehicles.


The MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team sets its goals beyond just winning races. The team is dedicated to promoting alternatively powered vehicles. Members participate in seminars, lectures, museum displays, conferences dedicated to alternative energy, and numerous Earth Day and ecological fairs. Team members answer questions about electric transportation at these events as well as during race-sponsored demonstrations.

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