I create and sell Second Life scripted agents (bots) available on the Second Life Marketplace. My bots can query Wikipedia, converse intelligently, greet new arrivals, deliver notecards and landmarks, and appear as 3D animated avatars. You can chat with a demonstration Pandorabot inworld at my home. More info is available at the Second Life Pandorabots blog.


I also create and sell a line of seamless textures for use in Second Life.


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Currently my work focuses on publishing THiNC books of artistic nude SL photographs. I also publish a Second Life Fashion & Product Review blog, Restless Reviews as well as a Second Life Nudes blog.


I love beauty and nature. I love people and making friends. Visit my studio at slurl.com/secondlife/Gualdo/235/245/43/ and be my friend on Plurk at www.plurk.com/MissyR/invite.


I am astonished and thrilled to see the incredible quality of art possible with the use of these digital photo processing tools. See my contact list and favorites for many many examples.


I'm experimenting with SL photography. I use the GIMP to remove SL artifacts like hands poking through legs or hair sticking through shoulders. Many of my photos use appropriately licensed RL photos from the Wikimedia Commons as backgrounds.

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