You could call me a bit of a country bumpkin. I was born &
raised in the middle of nowhere, or at least nowhere anyone
would want to be born & raised. I've moved around a lot. Have
experienced small town life & big city living. Met the guy of my
dreams at age sweet sixteen & haven't woke up yet ;) We've
been married 10 fabulous years! I collect too many things to
count [or to store in our modest apartment], but to name a few:
I'm mildy obsessed with Hello Kitty, Pez, The Wizard of Oz,
View Masters, old cameras, Dr. Seuss, E.T. & so much more.
I'm 31 & you could call me a tad naive, more than a bit clumsy
& accident prone, a scaredy cat, a lover [not a fighter], a neat
freak & a Drewbie.

My husband Patrick & I welcomed our first child, Oliver, on
August 5th/08 & second baby boy, Eli on October 22nd/10!
We're in for one hell of a ride ;)

I shoot with a Canon T2i
50mm 1.8
18-55mm 3.5-5.6

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    Laney G says:

    "Nita's photos are so imaginative and beautiful. They tell a story and make you smile. She is also just an incredibly sweet person - and just one of the good guys. I get so excited to see new photos in her stream."

    August 13th, 2007

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    logicalharmony says:

    "One of the most inspiring photographers that I've come across in ages. Her photos reflect her personality and her life so much. Even the simplest things in life, when photographed by Nita, have a little extra flair."

    July 27th, 2007

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    des.i.ree says:

    "I've had the pleasure of knowing Nita for almost a year now ... From the very first email she was nothing but an absolute sweetheart. Still is of course. I remember when she first gave me her link to her Flickr account ... man, I was blown away. Not only was she super duper sweet, but also an out of this world photographer. Her stuff literally awed me. She was my very first contact here on Flickr, and her photostream still remains one of my absolute favorites. Inspiring at its best. Simply put, she is one of the most creative people I know. This girl oozes talent. :)"

    July 23rd, 2007

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    coherent popcorn says:

    "a visit to anita's stream is like a trip down memory lane.. irrespective of who the memories belong to ;)

    her photos have a vintage feel, full of whimsy & playfulness. even her simplest shots feel as though they have something important to say.
    you can't help but be drawn into her world.. each new shot gives you another part of the story. i hope it doesn't end =)"

    July 6th, 2007

September 2005
Kentville, Nova Scotia
I am:
Female and Taken
CEO of Team Bezanson