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    ϩυshii ♡ says:

    "Miss.Tami ♥
    Ya Fdait Hl 6ary Bssss :|
    Lbaaah A7laaa cousin in the wholeee universeeeeeee , walla Malch Shbeeh Ya Tamii ;) , and youh dont know how much i love youh ♥♥♥ , even i cant describe it , Everyone Ely y3rfch they'll love youh straight away , 6ayba oo 7boba oo kl el9faat el7lwa feech , when im with youh a7s a888ddr a8ool lcch kl shay in my heart :') wallah wallah i love youh wayed fa6ma..god bless youh ya a'3la cousin
    ma3rf how to decribe youh , your undescribeable ♥ :P 3sany man7rm mnch
    all i say is alla y5lech lna ya7lwa ♥
    walla a7la days i lived with youh when we were together :P
    oo a7la days f london ♥ ;) , ahh bssss ayaa 3 those day :| walla unforgetball days , hhhhhhhh t'thkreen Tesco :P eljm3eya hhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and and hay الكيكه الي عـ "ستــ :P 3ad efhmeeha , oo yoom 7frty feeha hhhhhh ;P Oo "77" I Think Mat'thkr r8m el8naah :P wallah wallah days i cant forget
    oh yeah and lebanon ♥ ;) , loooool a7la sahraaaat shrthaaa hnaaak , with ... :P F6oooooomm Shtlbseen Lma Tro7een Bait Rab3ch ?
    Kaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk :P , walla 3umry ma'67kt like that =/
    bs wayed ml'3t ,, :P ,
    Alla Y7fe'6ch My Dearest Cousin :* And Alla Y5leech For Meeh
    Ey Nseet About Your Photography
    Mashalla ma3leeh klaam (y)
    youh rock gurrl :P
    keep rockin

    Tami : My Cousin , My Sister , My Friend , My Everthing ♥♥♥

    with love :
    Yourz / Shooshy ♥♥♥"

    September 24th, 2009

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    classicroyal says:

    """Very Cute****
    Very Naughty****
    Very Sweet****
    Very Cool****
    Very Awesome****
    Very Intelligent****
    Very Amazing****
    Very Smart****
    Very Sharp****
    Very Caring****
    Very Sporty****
    Very respectfull****
    Very Gorgeous****
    Very Alluring****
    Very Attractive****
    Very Appealing****
    Very Good-Looking****
    Very Charming****
    Very Glamorous****
    Very Beautiful****
    Very Eye-Catching****
    Very Striking****
    Very Fascinating****
    Very Seductive****
    Very Full of life****
    Very Dazzling****
    Very Shining****
    Very Energetic****
    Very Head turner****
    Very Seductive****
    Very Homorous****
    Very Funny****
    Very Stunning****
    Very Lovely****
    Very Superb****
    Very Fabolous****
    Very Excellent****"""""

    September 1st, 2008

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    ♥{ أسيــ الروح ــرة~ says:

    ""Mmm what can i say about her ..!
    She's Really a Sweet & Kind Girl =D
    She Has An Amazing Personality Mashallah.. =)
    luv 2 see her comments in my
    flickr ,, =)
    she is a big photography .. mashalla ,,
    True did not know u very well but
    I am relieved you

    with love ..
    ♥{ أسيــ الروح ــرة ~"

    June 26th, 2008

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    ShoW QaTaR says:


    she got such a great talent mashallah 3laich
    So stylish =D
    cuteey girl =)
    I wish you all the best Enshallah in ur life
    Best wishes""

    March 20th, 2008

September 2007
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