Elf in human disguise longing for cyborg longevity/immortality or other due to lack of magic.


Likes: (dark) blue, visual media, crafting etc



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My BJD stuff

I currently have 3 ball-jointed dolls:

- Laleh

- Unnamed

- Aya


And my daughter owns Isabella and yet to be named PukiPuki.


My photos

mostly outdoors, flowers and so, and other stuff like

my collection of Lady Lovely Locks puzzles.



including Star Wars Exhibition in Ö-vik 2008,

Sunset Park 2008 and 2013, and Kulturnatta 2014.

(working on adding more soon!)


My kitsuke stuff

my first kimono and misc stuff,

still working on a complete ensemble!


My fandom desktops

Dune & Children of Dune [8], Lady Lovely Locks [10],

Game of Thrones [1], The Pretender [2],

Thor MCU [3]


My textile creations

sewn and needlebinding stuff


Misc scans & photos

from books and magazines etc

including caps and sketches of Game of Thrones fashions

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