My name is Minseok Kim, and you can call me Joseph.


First of all, thank you for your interest in my work. I'm a high school student, currently living in South Korea. It's been three years since I started photography, and I love the way how photos capture the world in every different way, from different angles and perspectives, even with different post-corrections.


Nature photography is what I love the best, along with astrophotography. My goal is to offer a different perspective or a subject that one cannot usually observe, such as the wild beauty of nature's patterns, the endless falling stars, or even sometimes, their smiles. As a learning student who never really had an education in the photography field (other than Youtube videos), I would love comments and criticisms. Thanks!


Btw, as the only photographer in my grade, I had so many opportunities for event photography at festivals and ceremonies. Photos from those events will be one of the things you'll see a lot in my photostreams and albums.


3000 / 30,000

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