I love the large sea/landscape I usually take my photos at dusk and dawn, pursuing a dramatic edge when the light is at its best, my photos are a personal interpretation of the subject to convey how I felt about the subject. Although drawn to sea and landscapes I will photograph anything occasionally doing motor sports, still life and when I can find a subject, decaying buildings.


I’m from Nottingham in the English midlands about as far from the coast as you can be in the UK – I'm constantly looking for dramatic locations, like the Derbyshire Peak District or the glorious Isle of Skye. I want my images to make the viewer draw breath as they take in the sweeping landscape or the crashing waves so I make the effort to go to the best places at the times when the light and conditions are optimal to get a dramatic scene.


There are so many great photographers, when you are competing, it can often be that extra edge that elevates your image into a ‘win-zone’ and I find the challenge of competition motivating pushing me to up my game and produce better photographs.


I have made great friends through my love of photography and a sharing a passion for dramatic locations with like-minded explorers like Ian Pinn/PinkyPinn and Scott Wilson/wilsonaxpe amongst others – check out their work - you won't be disappointed!

Ian Pinn

Scott Wilson


So much about our trips is about trying to nail those ‘winning’ images that will attain competition or exhibition standard but, more than anything, the shoots I share with these guys are great times, some of the very best and you can't ever really capture that sense of fun, adventure and comradeship in a photo.


My cameras are Sony A7R2,A6300, RX100mk3 along with a selection of GoPro's and other cameras, I always shoot in Raw and I use Lightroom, photoshop and OnOne software for post processing, when I have completed a photo I print it out to display in exhibitions, use in competitions and put on my office walls, I love holding a large print.


So, that’s me, photographically speaking…. I hope you enjoy my work and experience even a fraction of the pleasure from my images that I get from shooting them. I’m inspired daily by the great work I see on the internet and it just pushes me to want to get better and go further…. Here’s to the next great trip wherever that may be.

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