This online image gallery from the Irish Military Archives hopes to provide access to some of our images. We would also like for you to get involved by describing or making your own personal contribution to the image. A separate image gallery is also available to view on

Get Involved - Crowdsourcing
In recognition of the fact that families and individuals are often the experts when it comes to the identification of photographic records in particular, the Military Archives wants your comments to help us to make our records more accessible. The Military Archives will continue to release historic photographs from training and operations at home and overseas in order to glean information on the identities of the personnel concerned. We are also looking for additional background information on the image including names, locations,photographer and dates.
If you think you can be of assistance, please set up your flickr account and start tagging the photos.

Get involved – Send your images for publication on our flickr site
We will continue to upload images to represent the wide range of activities both past and present. If you have images that you would like to donate, please contact us. Add our account as a contact on Flickr and get notified when the Military Archives upload a new image.

About this account
The first photograph sets involved images from overseas missions in Cyprus, the Congo and from the Cavalry Corps. We have also uploaded image from various Army Corps, the Naval Service, the Air Corps, sports, group photos and images from private collections. Over 1,000 images are currently available to view. The account was originally set up as a crowd sourcing project (Image Identification Project) with a combined aim of promoting access online and creating awareness of the Military Archives Photographic collection.

As of 19 November 2014, the project has received nearly 3,500,000 views.

Rules for the site

General information
The purpose of this platform is to promote access to the archives' images and to promote engagement with the public.

Just a few rules we must insist on to ensure we can keep this photo gallery running:

1: No political comments or agitation as we are an apolitical organisation as is our flickr site.
2: No comments/discussion on other nations military/foreign policy
3: No obscene or abusive comments.
4: No posts promoting any events other than an official Defence Forces or Department of Defence event.
5: No comments/discussion on matters that are sub judice.
6: We will remove a post if it happens once, we will ban repeat offenders.

The naming of individuals in the images should be from left to right, foreground then background.
Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy being part of recording our history.

Photos of DFArchives (5)

  • Hugo MacNeill by JohnOByrne.
  • Railway Protection, Repair and Maintenance Corps, Salvage Corps (1922-1924). by JohnOByrne.
  • Horse On Bridle by JohnOByrne.
  • UN Force in the Congo by JohnOByrne.
  • UN Force in the Congo by JohnOByrne.
  • Irish Troops Congo road to kipushi congo 61 by JohnOByrne.
  • Tim by djlexi30
  • P6 by djlexi30

DFArchives' favorite photos from other Flickr members (10)

  • An Taoiseach, Minister Kehoe and COS Mellett visit the DF Equitation School by Irish Defence Forces
  •  by Irish Air Corps
  • BREM_1 by petertrevaskis
  • IMG_0095 by Gordon Kinsella
  • Military Archives launch Bureau of Military history on the Internet. by Irish Defence Forces
  • BIL_0056 001 by Irish Defence Forces
  • cav23 by curraghhistory
  • tommy 019 by Thomas Connor
  • Online search for Irish military barracks maps, plans and drawings collection. by Archives & Records Association, Ireland
  • September 15, 1922 by National Library of Ireland on The Commons

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