I'm using Flickr as a photo-journal and as a portfolio of some of my best shots. There is a mix of both artistic and snapshots which capture a day-trip, vacation, or adventure.


Two things I like about Flickr: It integrates with my phone in automatically uploading. It also integrates with an app called Viewranger. Viewranger creates a GPS track right on my phone and then dots the track with pictures from Flickr which are tagged by time signature.


Regarding the photos of people taken in public places: My images of people are intended as artistic expression. The case of Nussenzweig v. DiCorcia, (878 NE 2d 589 – NY: Court of Appeals 2007), held that a photographer could display, publish, and sell his street photography portraits, without the consent of the people in those photographs. These photos may not be used for commercial purposes by other parties.


Thanks for looking.

Mike Shaw

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