About me:

Driven by the beauty of the female body, I'm aiming for storytelling images. My nude work is either in black and white or colour graded.

I spend a lot of time on the perfect framing, light and angles when taking the pictures. So usually I take fewer pictures than others, but when I press the shutter release button, the image is already on camera close to the intended result.



- NIF Magazine A True Beauty and True Jewels - A Homage to Marc Lagrange

- VOGUE Italia (PhotoVogue)

- Michelle7

- Stern View Magazine June 2012 (Germany)



- Erotic Art Exhibition London 2018, four pieces of my artwork had been shown


Work in progress:

- A web project with art nude content. The content for this website will be mostly shot in black and white and covers different areas.I'm looking for art nude models who are bendy and able to do classic nude posing.

- Erotica, e.g. women living their sexuality. The images taken can cover a huge range from very subtle to provocative, depending on the model and her interest in this area of work.


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