My name is Mike, and I'm a photoholic.

I have a dog. This is important to me. This word rhymes with blog.

I also have a banjo, but I do not practice enough. My bad.

Hope you like my photos. Sometimes, I think they have something to do with nature, humans, and all the weirdness that we impose on that relationship. Other times, it's just photos of things that catch my eye. If you want to use one somewhere, please let me know.

I admit that I'm a slave to "nice" textures, compositions, and so on, but the photos (mostly of other flickrites) that I love are often the spontaneous ones that have a healthy disregard for prettiness.

I'm hopelessly attracted to small, shiny objects that take pictures. My bag of toys includes: Nikon D700, a Nikon F3, a Mamiya 7 II (I love it!!), a Mamiya Certo 6 rangefinder named "Gursky" after a character in a book, a Fuji GA645Zi, a Contax G2, and a Mamiya 645 Super.

Mike Ambach - View my recent photos on Flickriver

Mike Ambach - View my favorites on Flickriver

It has recently come to my attention that I have set foot in a mere 9.33% of the world's countries. We shall have to remedy this...

visited 21 states (9.33%)Create your own visited map of The World

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Mike Ambach
August 2007
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