A little about us in a few words...
absent minded
father figured
sense of self devotee
O.C.D. runs deep thru me,
but for me there's really no need for the D.
lonely loner
brilliant dumbass
not who you think I am

We are going to b ok, as am i

peace & much love to all. be good to one another,spread the joy & kindness my brothers & sisters

I collect things
& i make things

check out the three groups I recommend if you like toys, first group is called toy
then there's toy or toys
and also new toys

here's the best place to look at our stuff

weed, beautiful buds
I'm into plants

This place is where I store photos of various things, so far, a lot of toys, soon to come is more art of various mediums from a couple of friends and I, (mostly I).
But right now, there are many categories of toys in which to scroll through. Old toys and new, kids toys and adult vinyl. We love toys, and I love feedback.
try talking to me, we might talk back

and yes, we have a sonic screwdriver =)

check this out... myspace

sorry about some of the pictures being of bad quality (most), but my kitty pissed on my camera

check out my youtube

"I think the truely natural things are dreams, which nature can't touch with decay" - Bob Dylan

"Let us concider, that we are all insane. It will explain us to each other, it will unriddle many riddles" - Mark Twain

"Cleanliness becomes more important, when Godliness is unlikely" - P. J. O'Rourke

Photos of mikaplexus (8)

  • My Little Pony by Aurelmistinguette
  • Five Favorite Toys by Oh Nooooooo, don't drink Kool Aid
  • surrounded by souls as we always are by mikaplexus
  • bionicman by mikaplexus
  • clown  by juanita hatock
  • Apocalyptic badass by -Juzu-
  • intergalactic drugdealer by mikaplexus
  • 7muñecas wenchys bailarinas by wenchys

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Testimonials (12)

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    kone! says:

    "amazing and cool guy, probably one of the most comprehensive toy collections i have seen on here!! no actually it IS the most comprehensive!!!"

    20th April, 2011

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    Mr.Scrimmage says:

    "THE DUNNY ORACLE - a font of toy knowledge, wisdom and creativity. Thanks for all the help."

    21st July, 2010

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    20th August, 2010

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    Atlanta Toy Collectors says:

    "I can truly say that I want to be adopted an live in your home with all ya'lls toys so when you come home you can find me like E.T. just peeking out the stacks with a devilish grin. Please adopt me, I don't bite and I get along with all Dunnys."

    10th September, 2008

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    Welcome to LIMBO says:

    "The sickest collection of toys i have EVER seen,
    a mass of vinyl,
    the army to end all army's,
    the pioneers of plastic warfare!!
    long live MIKAPLEXUS!!"

    16th July, 2008

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    KidNinja says:

    "dude!!! you got some nice collections of toys and designer toys too!!! gotta love them munnys and that gamby and pokey figure! im starting to collect and customize munnys, any suggestions on how to? =)"

    13th July, 2008

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    Sadiesyx says:

    "Mikaplexus' pages have got incredible creativity and talent canstantly doing something new. You can always find some cool stuff to look at here. And they just happen to be great people too! :o)"

    4th June, 2008

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    menta90 says:

    "So funny! It's art for everyday! Anytime! Obrigado!"

    10th May, 2008

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    alien* says:

    "wow !! you are the king of toys !!!
    thanks for sharing !!!"

    25th April, 2008

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    Space Needle says:

    "Sonic Screwdriver!!!


    7th January, 2008

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    digicolleen says:

    "michael & melissa & plexus not only have more toy collections than anyone on the planet earth, but they also make some of the coolest Dunnys I have ever seen! I love visiting this flickrstream because endless creativity flows through it."

    30th December, 2007

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    hrothwina says:

    "awesome toys! i can't get enough of viewing the shots. artworks too are cool. : )"

    3rd December, 2007

Michael & plexus
June 2007
northern va
I am:
Other and Open
artist/hard to explain
The collection on whole