I'm a Füzzy creature (it's a state of mind and a nickname well deserved, just look here). On this Flickr page, I've boiled down my passions into images, and into 4 areas I hold dear: my friends, family & self, the natural world around me, delicious vegetarian food (eggs & dairy included), and my near obsessive attraction to pipe puffing or thick cigar smoking hairy beary men.

There's more facets to my paragon of character, one example being putting up some of my artwork recently.

Everything I have put up I do with the expectation someone will come along and copy it, send it, claim it as his own even. That's the Internet. I've made some good contacts here though, and what I upload is for them. They know the difference. Я Пушистый.

There's a Flickr Code going around for those who like to classify. So if you're interested: F6l+cfg+m+s(e!)

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    plant room says:

    "It's been said: " A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil." Not only does the heart of this photographer show in his work but also in his simple kindness to someone 6000 miles away! Open and receptive, caring and real! That is what a kiss is: the veil of distance is not enough to kill the senses! I write this as a friend. I write this to say thanks. And, I write this to say: There's more to a picture than the subject! There is Someone behind the photo! ..... I hope that you don't mind."

    September 26th, 2009

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    mickebear says:

    "2 years of Flickr friendship has turned to 2 years of real friendship. His photos bring constant joy and laughter to my life - his comments reveal a sensitive and intelligent friend, who cares for others. His Hübby is a lucky man! BIG hugs from your friend Mika from the other side of the world"

    February 22nd, 2009

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    LashBear says:

    "The sort of Bear you're proud to say "This is my best friend" about.... but still manage to back behind the couch during some of his more "interesting" music.

    A laugh that could shatter worlds,
    A heart that could envelop the universe.

    He's my Bestest Friend Ever, and I wouldn't change anything about him at all. (not even the music.. I can always buy earplugs...)"

    January 10th, 2009

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    greasy wall says:

    "Füzzy is more than just one heck of a swell guy; he's also witty, intelligent, concerned about others and the world, a nature buff (especially when in the buff!), educated, joyfully educational, playful, and downright ornery. okay, maybe not that last bit... I both love what he shares and also love the fact that he loves to share. he's just the sorta guy you want for both a neighbor and a friend. you rock, Füzzy!"

    November 4th, 2008

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    buroffdesign says:

    "I am sorry my english is not too good ,but I do my best)
    Füzzy Mijmark is an embodiment of friendliness and creativity, and he is very fond of nature, which I admire in men very much.
    He has posted a photo of real ECHIDNA, and the blue tongued skink lives in his garden.(Wow!) He is a very caring person too.
    With his hübby,he had travelled a lot ,I hope some day they will decide to visit Moscow they will be most welcome here) He also likes Cape Town and i do too)

    Did I mention that he is the most BEARISH BEAR I have ever seen?
    Well,he is. ;O-)
    Самый милый Мишка в Австралии!)"

    October 1st, 2008

Füzzy Mijmark
October 2006
Like the Springsteen song, 'I was Born In the USA.' Southern CA, behind the Orange Curtain even.
Newcastle area, New South Wales, Ozzie Ozzzie Ozzie - Oi Oi Oi
I am:
Male and Taken
I Teach Outdoors Stuff to kids through guides, crafts, and activities.