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*I don't even know how many years ago I wrote the stuff below, yet somehow it still applies..*

Trying to ease back into Flickr life.slowly, be patient.
I'm also on IG:
Michelleko2 (current glimpses of what I see)
Michelleko (the first IG account that got too big with daily glimpses of what I saw)
and finally
arlow_bob_marlow (because why wouldn't the dog have his own instagram?)

Life is hectic and I find that my Flickr addiction is having to be put on hold. I apologize for being so scarce. Even if I'm not commenting I am looking. I am continuously amazed by the talent that Flickr shows me and the inspiration it gives me to file away. I hope to be back soon. I miss taking pictures. I miss loving taking taking pictures.

Mom to 2 amazing kidlets. Always learning. Every minute. Every day. Canon. Lens Addiction. SERIOUS lens addiction. I need a new lens. I also need a new camera bag..any suggestions?

I will block you if you have no pictures or belong to too many freaky groups or all your faves are of children (because really that is just weird ya know?) Or if you have nothing available to me.
While I completely get that by putting pictures of my children on Flickr I am setting myself up to get my images stolen (how sad is it that I have to say that?) I DO NOT AUTHORIZE ANY USE OF MY IMAGES..ANYWHERE. UNLESS I HAVE GIVEN WRITTEN PERMISSION. Please STOP STEALING my pictures. Come on I said please....

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    ][No Ambition][ says:

    "Beautiful inside and out. I dont really know how to express just what i want to say in here. Because as much as Michelle is an amazing photographer shes an even kinder amazing person. So im going to just leave it to the Story People who can say it better than i ever can, "You're the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we'd know each other a long time.""

    April 29th, 2010

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    sam_samantha says:

    "this testimonial has been long over due! But I have so many great things to say about Michelle! Look at her manipulated images and you can see a true artist in her...then her amazing photos of her lovely girls shows you what a loving and adoring mom she is! thank you michelle for sharing your view of the world with us with your lens and thank you for being such an amazing flickr friend:)"

    August 29th, 2008

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    Coffee Sauce says:

    "I simply love Michelle and her beautiful girls! Being a Photoshop lover I admire her shots, because mostly they are almost sooc shots, but they look far better than most of my sooc's =P
    Always different stuff!
    And her hair rocks!!! ;)

    Thank you, my friend!!! Keep on good work!"

    August 3rd, 2008

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    Redoor2007 says:

    "I've wanted to write a testimonial for Michelle...so here it goes...I don't need to say how good her photography is just look at it. For one thing each photograh tells a story and in my opinion this is a hard thing to achive. This is my first testimonial...but I felt I needed to express why this stream is my all time favorite. Keep Posting Michelle!!"

    April 13th, 2008

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    Jadydangel says:

    "Michelle Kind of Rocks.

    But she just gets it from her kids.


    Also, She says "WONKYISH" and that's just fabulous."

    April 1st, 2008

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    ♥ Hazed ♥ says:

    "Michelle is a wonderful photographer and I love to visit her photostream... There is always something interesting to look at, and some seriously cute kids. She has quite a talent and love for photography and that shows in her work!"

    November 12th, 2007

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