I don't try shoot things as they 'really are' -- I shoot them as you may remember them, or as how you might describe them years from now, or dreamed about them last night. Call it 'Visionary Photography' if you want to put a box around it.

I'm not rich. I have two good cameras, a D3 and D800. Shortly after I bought each of them my utilities were shut off.

Things I like: Panoramic photography, hdr panos, shooting at sunrise, low light photography, long exposures, and hdr panos shot at night. Things I really really like: Constructive criticism, watching other photographers do their thing, moments of blind inspiration, the very rare unexpectedly awesome capture, fast hard drives, cheap ram and doing amazingly stupid things for only the best of reasons.

You can reach me by email at michael@michaelholden.com or via my Michael Holden Photography page at www.facebook.com/MichaelHoldenPhotography or even give me a call at 206 535 5163

Image use FAQs

How can I license an image? Just go to my site and fill out the form at michaelholden.com/license-image

Can I use your photo on my Facebook page/desktop? I'm honored when people use my photos for their computer desktop or in their personal profiles. Go for it, that's why I make 'em. Please don't use them in a promotional context, or for a company's social network page without getting a license to do so first.

Where can I buy your Burning Man photos?I don't sell Burning Man photos over the internet. (This is a good thing, really!). My Burning Man work is available in galleries from time to time. I make uber-high-quality prints of a limited number of images for friends and family, these are available "at cost". Send me email with any questions.

Where can I buy non-Burning Man prints Other prints will soon be available on MichaelHolden.com

You photographed my art installation/performance/etc, could I get an electronic copy to promote my upcoming show/for my portfolio? Most of the time the answer is yes, absolutely, I'd be delighted to help and can even do custom crops and color treatments to suit. Sometimes things are more complicated, so send me email and we'll work it out.

Can I use your photo on my blog or website? If the blog is not associated with a commercial enterprise, produced by a corporate entity or obviously monetized (no commerce, no ads etc), yes. I'd appreciate a heads up. You must give me credit and link back to the original photo page on Flickr.

What about corporate blogs, for-profit editorial media, editorial news sites, magazines, films, student videos and documentaries? It depends on too many things to answer here. Commercial editorial and print/broadcast media peeps, it's in your best interests to contact me well ahead of press date so we can get everything squared away. Please don't use my photos in these contexts without approval. My rates are competitive with what you'd pay *if* images like these were available via Getty & co. Don't ask to use my work for free unless you and your team are also working for free, and don't expect me to license my work to you for free because you're famous. As they say, you can die from exposure. Personally, I find starvation more appealing.

Can I use your Burning Man images on my company website, or to sell, advertise or promote something? No. Never, don't do it. But you can hire me to make some images for you that will be totally awesome. Email me.

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    FallenPegasus says:

    "What can I say about Michael's art that they don't already say for themselves. Nothing, really. MIchael rocks, and his art rocks."

    November 9th, 2012

Michael Holden
September 2004
Seattle, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Photographer, Panoramist, deep-bit imaging specialist
michael [at] michaelholden.com