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Would you like to use one of my photos?


Most of my photos are covered by a Creative Commons license, and I'm generally happy to share. My CC license is strictly for non-commercial use. Commercial entities are welcome to ask my permission to use my photos.


Please credit Mark H. Anbinder. For food photos, adding a link to 14850 Dining is appreciated.


Everyone is welcome to grab my photos for personal use on their desktop, screen saver, etc. Please ask before you publish them or use them to promote a business or organization. On very rare occasion, I post an image I didn't create, either to share it here or to use it on my blog. I try to tag those "not mine." Those are not mine to share.


I'm a computer guy, a radio DJ and newscaster, a magazine editor, a science fiction fan, and a restaurant reviewer! Yes, I'm very fond of food, and of sharing it with others. Yes, I'm a big hockey fan. My photostream skews heavily toward these topics, the latter mostly during hockey season! But I also photograph lots of other things that appeal to me, interest me, or amuse me, and you'll tend to see random things here, as well.


Some of my photos are restricted or private; you may see them if we share a group membership or if I list you as a friend. Please consider those not to be shared, and please don't use them for anything else. Thanks!


I'm never offended by someone marking one (or many) of my photos as a favourite, as some folks are, so click away. Please do be respectful of the context of the photo when commenting or adding notes.


While comments are always welcome, I'm not a fan of graphical banners or badges or medals. Please comment without these. (Feel free to include a relevant photo that applies to your comment, however.)

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