A kind of a personal page with photos and some notes sometimes.

Frequently Non Asked Questions

You have thousands of contact - why ?
Because as I am a bit lazy to patrol flickr around and have no time for it, its easier to select kind of photos I like and to have them / author in a thumbnail that I can have a look at from time to time.

Most of your contact are women - why ?
Because I really appreciate this women look on life or women creativity but I have men photographer around too ! I'm more selecting a kind of shot or author's personality, a way to look at life than a gender !
I look regularly at my Contact's work and more regularly at my Friends work ;-)

Your favourites are mostly women faces and eyes - why ?
Because I love these women self portrait and the way that these women wants to show themselves. I had the idea once to realize a big mosaic with all these self but unfortunately I do not have time to do it actually !

Why "because" ?
Because the sky - because the sun .... ;-)

More questions ? just ask for !

Photos with :
Nikon D70 - zoom Nikon 18/70 - zoom Nikon 70/300 and fish-eye Nikon 10
Ixus 50
Ixus Digital - the first one !
Lumix Panasonic DMC-FX35 - Leica Lens

Photos of Fispace (6)

  • Hello Kitty by NTUANNGOC - Face2Face Studio - 0987434666
  • [Explore!] C5. by Tom Phung | 0937261717
  • +[ Horse Jumping ]+ by Mahmood Alnajjar (wain alwefa)
  • +[ فرس فرس مشية فرس ]+ by Mahmood Alnajjar (wain alwefa)
  • +[ أمون يا نظر العيون ]+ by Mahmood Alnajjar (wain alwefa)
  • Things I Love Thursday - Blue by Amanda K / pandasnaps

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    la belle bille says:

    "Fi's is the kindest person I know. Flickr brings people together and we owe a lot to Fi's for that possibility. I must add of course that his photos are always so fresh. He shows us the world from a new angle.
    Thank you Fi's for what you are and all have done."

    February 7th, 2007

September 2005
Doha, Qatar
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