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Metrix X.


On the technical side

I have been doing a lot of my own B&W development;


Expired E6 slide film cross processed in c41 (the secret is in the scanning); Link to my Blog entry

Cross Processing Myths RIP by Metrix X


Some information on my Epson V500 scanner

Testing Epson V500 Scan of a 35mm  Zeiss Contax IIIa Colour Negative by Metrix X


I even have some 8x10" colour film for my pinhole;

Brickworks 8x10" Pinhole X-Pro by Metrix X


In June I brought a diminutive small digital p&s to use as a carry everywhere camera. It takes reasonable candid shots plus the occasional RBVP (check my tags);


Lucky Seven D76 Development TimesMy methods and development times for B&W


Experimented with refinal and Xtol + Rodinal as developers. See my blog for some maybe useful scanning and developing techniques.


Important Not that anyone will read this but:


All comments are welcome. Criticism is welcome only if you are on my contact or if I have posted the image to a group that is for criticism. While I don't mind them in comments I am not that fond of notes on the photos with suggested crops and clones (give me a break I know how to crop and clone), the exceptions being those from experts in the field or when I have asked for suggestions.


Please refrain from posting: group invites: self promotional images or text; awards; that contain either larger then small size, that blink, flash, sparkle or are animated in any way. I will delete them.


A new pet peeve are people that use scripts to automatically favour images from all their contacts or photos on explore ... the same goes for mass comments or mass see my photo emails.At least have the decency to actually view an image before favouring or commenting on it..


No not even remotely negative, racial, degrading, overtly rude or sexist remarks will be tolerated especially if they are aimed at the people in my photos.


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great work! i always enjoy your photostream. i recently saw all your winning entries to the City of Toronto photo contest. Congrats! I can learn a lot from talents like yours!

January 19, 2010
libela says:

great friend and unique photographer which photo stream i always enjoy visiting.

September 12, 2007