O.K., It's time for me to fess up. I'm not Merriewells, She is. I'm the shooter, Steven. Merriewells is my beautiful Bride of 46 years whose pictures you might see scattered in abundance on this site. Merriewells has and still is my photography muse. She has inspired me lo, all these years to document the world, the family and of course, her. I have put in pictures from 1960 to the present. It has been very easy to photograph her for the following reasons; she's not hard on the eyes, she works cheap, and for some grand scheme of nature, she has'nt changed much in all these years. On the site you will see Mitch, A.J., Kate and Alfie, and even me. They are all part of our 46 year journey.
On a technical note, all pictures up to 2003 are film. Then we joined the 21st century and I went digital. Sorry it took me so long. We had made a determined choice to stay out of the tech age. No computers, no cell phones etc. Well at least we still don't have any cell phones. A good portion of my work in the 60's and 70's was done on 35mm Kodachrome. To date these are still sitting in Bell & Howell slide cubes waiting to be resurrected into the digital age. Anyhow, if you come across any shot you wish to comment on, please do. I'm not to old to learn another way of seeing things. Thanks

Update.........46 Years turns to 49 this September.
Update #2.............Sept 2010 brings Us to 50 Years
Update #3......Sept 2012 will be 52 Years----Ye-hawwwwww

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    a-birdie says:

    "Next to fabulous Freddie and the stunningly beautiful Merriewells, Steven rates pretty high. He has a wonderful eye and a thoughtful approach to showing us the wonderful things and creatures that are in his viewfinder."

    July 31st, 2008

September 2006
Las Vegas, USA
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